Afghanistan to 2014 and beyond – Ask and Task

Регион: Центральная Азия
Год издания: 2013


Материалы конференции NATO Defence College Foundation, проведенной в феврале 2013 года Оборонным колледжом НАТО совместно с итальянским Институтом международных отношений.

Предисловие президента NDCF Алессандро Минуто-Риццо

International security is a problem concerning everybody, in the same category of climate, energy or the environment. This is why we are all concerned with the events taking place in Central Asia. it is a difficult issue as we know too well and obviously it is not a colonial war, nor one fought for hegemony or over territory as we were accustomed to see in the past.

The issue is to rebuild a state that had tragically collapsed, doing in a few years what normally takes a much longer time. Afghanistan was aggressed by the Soviet Union, experienced a savage civil war and harboured a very bad brand of international terrorism. we are trying to help the Afghans to achieve a decent government, a more advanced social organization, an acceptable economic development.

Every chapter in history has its own challenges. The Afghan chapter is still being written and we do not know yet how it is going to end because there are many variables. Today, as it is the case when events are in full flow, it is difficult to understand the problems "all together", but the Alliance and the international community have to cope with the problem and fulfil a pledge.

As it happens in democratic countries and at international level the"why NATO?" keeps frequently coming up at every crucial point of this issue. The answer is surprisingly simple: "Well, because up to this day it is the only serious tool at the disposal of the international community when crisis management becomes difficult". Only this and nothing more.

We have to remember that Afghanistan is much more than a NATO operation. As a matter of fact it is a concern of the entire international community, being the subject of several UN Security Council Resolutions since 2001, all of them going in the same direction, namely supporting the engagement in the country all along the way. The Atlantic Alliance is only a part of a much more complex overall picture.

Thus Afghanistan is emerging from the mountains of Central Asia, acquiring a wider dimension as an important precedent. it follows that international security requires greater attention and new instruments to be used.

i think that it is fair to acknowledge that, despite the difficult situation and its structural problems, the country is today very different from that under the Tali-bans' rule. internal security is far better than in 2003, public education and health services have greatly improved. A normal political dialectic is somehow emerging and Parliament is elected through national elections. They may not be perfect, they are however a rather unique case in Central Asia.

we, in the young NATO DC Foundation, think that our primary task is to give light and discuss in depth the core strategic issues of our time. it goes with the principle, stated in our Charter, of promoting"the culture of stability".

in this moment of rapid change in the international environment, as well as in social behaviour, it is becoming essential to give an intelligent reading and an attentive interpretation of events.

This was the reason for convening, in February 2013, a very ambitious international conference focused entirely on the complexity of the Afghan case. We have asked the very best people that we could find to give their informed view, each of them from a different angle. The result of this intense effort is the present volume. our hope is that it may be a contribution to the understanding of issues and a guide for future works on Afghanistan.

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    Следует ожидать гонки вооружений ведущих государств мира, что приведет к неконтролируемой эскалации военно-политической напряженности во всем мире  
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    Сделанные заявления и показ супероружия скорее завершают начатый ранее процесс обновления Вооруженных Сил России в ответ на вызовы современности, к этому на Западе давно были готовы — существенных изменений в глобальном балансе сил не произойдет  
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    На наших глазах возвращается Ялтинско-Потсдамский мировой порядок, в которой Россия определенно играет роль одного из полюсов, что позволит иметь более стабильную архитектуру международной безопасности  
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