Afghanistan in Transition Crafting a Strategy for Enduring Stability


Год издания: 2012

Издательство: The Polish Institute of International Affairs

ISBN 978-83-62453-34-4

The Polish Institute of International Affairs has published the report:Afghanistan in Transition Crafting a Strategy for Enduring Stability edited by Beata Górka-Winter and Bartosz Wiśniewski. The paper is post-conference report of the conference: the First TRILATERAL AFGHAN-POLISH-AMERICAN ANALYTICAL FORUM held by the Polish Institute of International Affairs in cooperation with the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the U.S. Embassy in Warsaw on 25 October 2011.

It is my true pleasure to welcome this valuable publication that follows the first Trilateral: Afghan–Polish–American Analytical Forum, that took place in Warsaw, in October 2011, and was organized with cooperation of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Forum was established as a platform for exchanging views and perspectives on international efforts undertaken with the aim of development of Afghanistan. The publication presented hereby, is a sustainable result of this in-depth exchange and I am convinced, it will contribute to the ongoing discussion on the future of security, economy and social affairs of Afghanistan.

Introduction by Bogusław Winid
Undersecretary of State, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland

These contributions help us to visualize a way toward lasting stability in Afghanistan (…).This task will require the continued commitment of the entire alliance, both in the form of in-kind assistance and in financial support. The security interest of the United States, Poland, and all NATO allies lies in preventing Afghanistan from reverting to a terrorist safe haven. Moreover, our moral obligation to our citizens who have sacrificed their lives and resources, and to the Afghan people, who are steadily regaining their human rights, demands that we do what we can to help Afghanistan achieve a lasting victory over terrorism.

Introduction by Lee A. Feinstein,
Ambassador of the United States to Poland

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