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Special Projects

  International Cooperation in the Arctic: New Challenges and Vectors of Development

International conference devoted to 20th anniversary of the Atlantic Council, October 12-13, 2016, Moscow

Conference Page. Programme, Registration
  Russia and China: Taking on New Quality of Bilaterial Relations

International Conference, May 30-31, Moscow

Conference Page. Programme, Registration
  Russia and Turkey: Forging Multidimensional Partnership. 95th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations

International Conference, October 15, Moscow

Conference Page. Programme, participants, video
  Russia and China: A New Partnership in a Changing World

International Conference, May 29, 2015, Moscow

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  Anti-government extremist organizations in Syria

RIAC Reader

This project is a brief overview of the main groups and their leaders in Syrian conflict (existing, former significant, merged into others). Longread authors Ruslan Mamedov, David Narmania, Oleg Egorov tried to trace the dynamics of these organizations, their connections, financing sources, relations with other political forces.


  Elementary Education in the World: stages, types, legislation, specifics

RIAC Reader

1 September in Russia celebrates Knowledge Day. To celebrate this event RIAC prepared a special reader, which explains the diversity of the school systems around the world (school stages, school types, legislation and specifics).


  Оil-producing Countries in Crisis

RIAC Reader

Russia, Saudi Arabia, USA, China, Canada, Iran, Iraq

  Military Balance in the Black Sea Region

RIAC Reader

Black Sea: Russia, NATO members, ‘Shared Neighborhood’ and non-regional actors

  Islamic Extremism in Sub-Saharan Africa

RIAC Reader

RIAC presents longread on islamic extremists groups in Sub-Saharan ‪‎Africa‬: Boko Haram, Al-Shabaab, Ansar al-Dine.

  Islamic State Volunteers

RIAC Reader

Islamic State Volunteers. Who are they? Recruitment, retention and return issues.

  Climate Agenda 2030

RIAC Reader

COP 21 Results. Countries' Commitments Overview

  Islamic Extremism in Southeast Asia

RIAC Reader

The recent wave of international terrorism, which has swept across the world over the last couple of years, is a strong reminder that no region, not even remotest corner of our planet is secure. January 2016 has seen deadly blasts in different cities - from Turkey to Indonesia - taking too many innocent lives. Following terrorist attacks in Jakarta, RIAC gives an overview of extremist organizations present in the ASEAN countires.

  Outlining 2016

RIAC Reader

RIAC ‪forecasts‬ on key global challenges: World Order, Terrorism, Arms, Russia - West relations, Post-Soviet Space, Middle East, Europe, Central Asia, China, Arctic, Latin America.

  Arctic Oil and Gas Resource Development

RIAC Reader

Longread examines current situation in development of Arctic continental shelf resources by Russia, the United States, Canada, Denmark and Norway, analyzes main issues oil and gas companies face while assembling their projects as well as factors that influence their activity.

  Northern Sea Route

RIAC Reader

Foreign ship operators' interest in the Northern Sea Route can be linked primarily to its being almost half the length of other sea routes from Europe to the Far East: the distance between St. Petersburg and Vladivostok via the Northern Sea Route is 14,280km, compared to 23,200km via the Suez Canal and 29,400 km round the Cape of Good Hope. In 2014 614 permits were granted, 109 of which were for foreign ships.

  Political Extremist Groups and Islamic Movements in the Middle East and North Africa

RIAC Reader

The crisis developments in Iraq, Yemen, Libya and Syria are destabilizing countries in the Middle East. The growing turbulence and unpredictability threaten the very model of the nation state, which is struggling to react to the challenges posed by non-state actors in international relations – primarily by extremist groups. The inability of the state to counter the terrorist threat leads to an increase in the activities of radical elements, whose actions take on a regional character, aggravating long-standing problems, including the Arab–Israeli confrontation. All this prompts the need for a comprehensive analysis of the actions of extremists since this will allow us, first, to identify the origins of crisis phenomenon, and second, to predict further developments in the region more accurately.

  The United Nations

RIAC Reader

The 70th Anniversary Session of the #UN General Assembly officially started on September, 15, 2015 in New York. RIAC editing team has prepared a topical longread which focuses on the issue of the UN reform alongside outlining UN main players' legacy and future agenda.



  Russia and Armenia

RIAC Debates

Sergey Markedonov: Russia and Armenia – we need more contacts to make bilateral relations work

Sergey Minasyan: Moscow disrupts military and political cooperation with Armenia

  Russia in Syria

RIAC Debates

Gevorg  Mirzayan: Moscow clearly understands why it has arrived Syria at this particular time

Vasily Kuznetsov: Russia in Syria: Obscure Solutions to Obscure Challenges, and the Risks Surrounding them


  Iran before and after the Nuclear Deal

February 2015

After ten years of arduous negotiations the Nuclear Deal with Iran is finally signed in Vienna on 14 July 2015. The nuclear threat is temporarily curbed, sanctions are lifted - Iran reemerged as a new regional power center in the Middle East. Is Iran Nuclear Deal a Breakthrough or a Historic Mistake? This RIAC digest aims to cover the comprehensive diversity of materials on the topic and provide the general overview as well as detailed analysis of Iran's new role in the regional and global balance of power.

  Refugee and Migrant Crisis

RIAC Digest

Here is another edition of RIAC monthly digest of international publications. We have tried to gather up some interesting articles, briefs and longreads on European refugee (migrant) crisis. We made an effort to draw an overall picture and give some details. Below you will find a digest of ten publications issued by both small and large think tanks and research centers on migration crisis, Europe's borders and challenges to the European project.

  Energy Networks in Asia Pacific: Intricate and Booming

RIAC Digest

In this special edition of RIAC monthly digest of international publications we have tried to gather up some interesting articles, briefs and long reads on energy networks in the Asia Pacific. Fossil fuel, electricity, renewables – we managed to build a bigger picture and break it up into smaller pieces to give detailed analysis and outline future trends.

  Climate Rocky Road to Paris

RIAC Digest

Climate is one of the hot picks of international agenda 2015. We are steadily moving towards grand UN conference on climate which will take place in Paris this December. This conference is set to work out a new comprehensive agreement on climate change which has to replace the outdated and worn out Kyoto protocol. Climate change is one of the hardest areas for the international players to reach an effective agreement which will satisfy all parties concerned. In this digest RIAC has gathered together publications which will explain why it is so important that Paris conference does not fail and why the issue of climate change does not bring countries together but divides them even more apart.

  Cyberthreats and Cybertrends

International Publications Digest, August 2015

In our overly interconnected world Internet is the main source of connectivity and information. This issue of RIAC digest will feature various publications on cyber threats, mobile Internet evolution, higher education vs cyber security threats and different comprehensive reports on Internet intelligence and cyber changes with a good deal of statistics within.


  The Balkans - At the Glance

International Publications Digest, July 2015

Once again, restless Balkans is in the center of the world politics. All eyes are fixed on the Greek crisis. In the shadow of this event, some less interesting, but nevertheless not insignificant events are happening in the other countries of the Balkans. This Digest aims to present the current attention-grabbing articles on this region - that never stands still.


  Researching BRICS

International Publications Digest, July 2015

Hardly ever has the BRICS format been so hot as it is now due to certain geopolitical changes taking place in the world. Tensions between Russia and West have stimulated additional interest for the block whose development perspectives remain ambiguous even for the most experienced and profound experts. We would like to provide the digest's readers with the issues that have been raised on the threshold of the BRICS Summit and dealing with political and economic, social and cultural spheres of collaboration.


  Private Military & Security Companies

International Publications Digest, June 2015

This series of digest is devoted to an extremely controversial military-political issue, the one that was formerly ushered into the world in the late 1960s and then has evolved into a complex phenomenon now generally known as Private Military and Security Companies. The comprehensive description of PMSCs' activities, the regulatory mechanisms and legally binding documents elaborated, recent numbers indicating involvement of contractors into U.S. operations Iraq and Afghanistan, the UN-private military sector cooperation directions, challenges posed and opportunities foreseen are covered below.


  Russia and China: A New Partnership in a Changing World

Landing page of the International conference "Russia and China: A New Partnership in a Changing World", Moscow, May 29, 2015


  International Publications Digest

May 2015

In this extensive digest edition you will find a diversity of topics: from Twitter Jihad to Arctic cooperation and Arctic Council reform, economic dilemmas in the Asia Pacific to sustainable infrastructure and aquaculture, migration in the United Arab Emirates and Twitter diplomacy.


  International Publications Digest

March-April 2015

Spring is on the start and here is another edition of RIAC monthly digest. We tried to focus our attention on major issues like migration and fighting tuberculosis but without forgetting geopolitics, economic dwellings and international cooperation. Below you will find about a dozen of publications issued by both small and large think tanks and research centers on migration, EU regulation and structure, foreign forces in the Ukrainian crisis, housing as a path to achieving sustainability, indigenous peoples' experience in acquiring remedies, some thoughts on democratic stalemate in Myanmar, Kaliningrad phenomenon and a factsheet on Chinese economic policy.


  International Publications Digest

January-February 2015

With a little delay (which we can blame on winter holidays break) RIAC is back with the monthly international publications digest. Here you will find fifteen trends for 2015 from Spanish CIDOB, a number publications on the future of the European project, some reports on the negative effects of the ongoing economic recession due to the declining oil prices and crumbling Russian gas strategy in the light of the Ukrainian crisis. A note on the coming American chairmanship in the Arctic council and never-ending conflict in Sudan make a close-up to this digest.


  Milestones in International Relations

2015 Anniversary Dates




  International Events of 2014

2014 was an eventful year. It was clear from its very beginning that Ukraine would be high on the international agenda. However, few could imagine that the Ukrainian crisis would dominate world events. Developments in the Transatlantic region and in Central and Eastern Europe depended a lot on what was happening in Ukraine. But there were some events that passed unnoticed behind the rhetoric about Ukraine.


  Major Global Events Digest 2013

Major global events. RIAC version



  RIAC Digest of International Publications