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The Westminster Russia Forum (WRF) was initially founded by a group of people with a wide background in politics and business united by a common interest in Russia. The organisation has since grown significantly both in terms of membership and capacity. WRF is a non-partisan, not-for-profit organisation. However, WRF does seek to encourage open debate on issues of interest including international diplomacy, energy security and internal political systems. People from across the political spectrum are welcome, and WRF is happy to include non-political members who maintain an interest in Russian culture and history. The primary objective of WRF is to improve British-Russian relations through increasing mutual understanding; to this aim WRF plays host to a variety of political and civil society affiliated speakers throughout the year. The purpose of this blog will be to further facilitate these aims through providing accounts of WRF’s events and lobbying activities, whilst providing a further platform for engagement. For further information please visit our website: http://wrforum.org.uk Or contact us via email at: info@wrforum.org.uk

Прошедший опрос

  1. Каковы, по вашему мнению, цели США в отношении России?
    Сдерживать военно-политическую активность России  
     262 (44.48%)
    Добиться распада и исчезновения России  
     172 (29.20%)
    Создать партнерские отношения с Россией при условии выполнения требований США  
     94 (15.96%)
    Создать союзнические отношения в противовес Китаю на условиях США  
     61 (10.36%)