Changing of the Guard: power and leadership in America

Регион: Северная Америка
Год издания: 1981
Авторы / под ред. :


Издательство: Penguin Books

ISBN: 0 14 00.5940 7

"An Essential Book For Anyone Concerned About The Future Of American Politics" - Chicago Tribune

This book offers short political biographies of numerous individuals who were selected by Broder, a journalist for a kind of Who's Who among young politically involved leaders in America. He makes no pretense about including every eligible person. The vignettes in this sampling are based on interviews. There are separate chapters focusing on women, Hispanics and Blacks, groups Broder says that are increasingly represented in leadership positions. He also gives particular attention to person's who have worked in a presidential administration, in the last 20 years, organizers of social causes, New Right members, people in labor or business, public interest lawyers, congressional representatives, governors, and mayors. Suburbs, the West, and the South are given special emphasis as frontiers of population growth and sources of leaders: television is also discussed as a frontier of another kind.

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