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Open Letter, Book, Video on Reinventing Intelligence -- If USA Refuses to Listen, Could Russia Take the Lead?

... Intelligence Activity (MCIA), has sought to reform U.S. Intelligence. The secret world costs the U.S. taxpayer over $100 billion a year, and yet, according to General Tony Zinni, USMC (then Commanding General of the U.S. Central Command engaged in two wars and twelve joint task for actions) provides “at best” 4% of what a major commander needs (to which one can add, and nothing for everyone else. I know from direct experience that we process 1% of what we collect which is 1% of what is published ...

Steele Robert David
12.01.2020 15:02:19

WORLD WAR III? UPDATE 5: Esper Turns on President, Blames President in NYT CYA* Article

... Activity (MCIA), and by my non-fiction reading including hundreds of books on the corrupt, dysfunctional, and even treasonous US national security personalities and institutions. Here are my conclusions: 01 Israel has been trying desperately to force a war with Iran, partly to save war-criminal Benjamin Netanyahu and partly to continue its long standing strategy of destabilization to divide and conquer the Middle East. 02 The primary war-mongering within Iraq is being done by Israel and the Kurds, with ...

Steele Robert David
03.01.2020 15:39:52

The End of American Exceptionalism? The End of US Bases Overseas? The End of Israel? Trump 2020?

As soon as I started seeing headlines in Israel asking if Trump could be trusted, I started to wonder if we are headed toward some kind of radical shift in the Middle East (such as the end of Israel), that would be accompanied by a radical shift in US foreign policy (such as the closure of all our military bases) and a radical change in the US domestic political scene (such ...

Steele Robert David
19.12.2019 16:09:48

Robert Steele: Full Disclosure: Extraterrestials, No Nuclear War, End of the Deep State?

NEW RELATED: <p>What Can We Expect From Trump? Is Pastor Chuck Baldwin Also…<p>Full Disclosure: Extraterrestrials, No Nuclear War, End of the Deep State? TEHRAN – Robert David Steele, a former Marine Corps infantry officer and CIA spy as well as an activist for Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE), regularly answers questions for Tehran Times. by Javad Heirannia Tehran ...

Steele Robert David
20.07.2019 01:06:28

US and Russia: Competing agendas in Syria

On October 14, the White House dismissed a proposal by President Putin to send Prime Minister Medvedev to the United States to discuss military cooperation in Syria. White House spokesman Josh Earnest called the proposal a sign of "desperation." Said Earnest: "We&#39;re not interested in doing that, as long as Russia is not willing to make a constructive contribution to our counter- effort," <http://www.rferl.org/content/white-...> But where is the evidence of Russian...

Eidlin Fred
22.10.2015 02:52:00

After Polarity in International Relataions

... literally or employed beyond its proper range of application. Until the collapse of the Soviet Union, scholars referred to two kinds of systems based on polarity--multipolar and bipolar. Multipolarity was typical of the international system before World War II. It was replaced by a bipolar system during the Cold War. This bipolar system no longer exists, leaving only one superpower. Hence, many scholars characterize the current system as unipolar. However, unipolarity is a problematic concept, first ...

Eidlin Fred
27.01.2015 18:43:00

Russia-U.S. Standoff over Syria: Why a Peaceful Deal with Assad Is the Only Way out

... cruise missiles. Just as the 1998 campaign in Iraq didn&#39;t solve the problem and had no effect on the country&#39;s WMD infrastructure, the operation against Syria is unlikely to succeed. The operation will fall short of stopping the civil war, there are doubts that the Assad regime will be weakened without the imposition of a no-fly zone, chemical weapons will still be there, and it will be a matter of time until they are used again either by the government or rebels. The issue of peaceful ...

Бармин Юрий
15.09.2013 21:16:00

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