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Lecture on Reality - 50 Books, 2000 Books, SPY IMPROV

Part I: Top 50 books (cosmic mind-altering books) Part II: The other 2,000 books in 26 clusters (a national conversation) Part III: SPY IMPROV – Questions & Answers To view in full screen click on "Vimeo" word in lower left of the screen below. Robert David Steele - Full Transitions Talk from John Petersen on Vimeo. Online Graphics and Text for the Above Lecture Robert David Steele

Steele Robert David
14.11.2019 21:59:00

25 Life-Changing Transformative Books Out of 2000+ Books Reviewed or Noted

... public and against Executive expansion. Congress has also abdicated its responsibility in allowing Executive taxation and regulation without Congressional approval in detail.    https://i2.wp.com/phibetaiota.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/cover-tao-of-democracy.jpeg?resize=200%2C299&ssl=1 20031130   7   Consciousness   Atlee, Tom Review: The Tao of Democracy–Using Co-Intelligence to Create a World That Works for All (https://phibetaiota.net/2003/11/the-tao-of-democracy-using-co-intelligence-to-create-a-world-that-works-for-all/) ...

Steele Robert David
09.09.2019 15:38:46

Review: A Politics of Love by Marianne Williamson with Additional Links

... heart and mind.  She is a precious national asset who cannot and must not be ignored. QUOTE (77-78): The threat is authoritarian corporatism, which does not respect serious conservatism, serious progressivism, universal humanitarian values, or even democracy itself. Review: Griftopia–Bubble Machines, Vampire Squids, and the Long Con That Is Breaking America Review: The Soul of Capitalism–Opening Paths to a Moral Economy The next four chapters each take one major issue and in a most compelling ...

Steele Robert David
03.07.2019 18:08:07

Myths of the European elections - unmasked

... unanimously of a shift to the right, seeking corresponding enemy images. If it is not the Hungarian Prime Minister, then it is a former politician of the UK Independence Party who is running his own party for the EU elections.Myths and make-believe democracyIn all the countless debates with their more or less substantial contributions, however, one topic is deliberately avoided: The European Union is not a state, does not function like a state and must therefore not be perceived as a state. In the ...

Russia Meeting
26.05.2019 23:06:58

Saving America - Saving Capitalism: Start with the Truth

... above context that I take Bernie Sanders and the Democrats and their latest line, “capitalism sucks,” with a bit of reserve.  Richard Wolff is the only serious person on the left mounting a reasonable critique of capitalism and his emphasis on democracy in the workplace – the workers must have a vote in the workplace – is where I will meet intelligent Democrats – all three of them – halfway. Actress Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC) is throwing out such moronic lines I sometimes wonder ...

Steele Robert David
10.04.2019 17:46:06

Kremlin policy: Strategic or like the music of a jazz group?

http://www.nytimes.com/2015/08/13/opinion/what-the-west-gets-wrong-about-russia.html According to Gleb Pavlovsky, the Kremlin is "still enigmatic, but no longer strategic." Kremlin policy is now "fashioned rather like the music of a jazz group; its continuing improvisation is an attempt to survive the latest crisis." Pavlovsky thinks Putin "lost interest in day-to-day decision making" after the accession of Crimea to Russia when he won the support of more than 80 percent...

Eidlin Fred
25.01.2016 08:12:00

Government is Incomplete Conquest

... righting present wrongs, it was better to imagine a virtuous past even where none truly existed (Smith, 2008: 81). European elites, derived from both the Feudal aristocracy and from the rising elites of trade and commerce started out adamantly opposed to democracy. They feared and resisted extension of the franchise, and democratization more generally. Most of the Framers of the American Constitution were suspicious of democracy. The word "democracy" does not appear at all in either the Declaration ...

Eidlin Fred
22.10.2015 02:36:00

Should democracy have the same meaning in every country?

An important prior question needs to be addressed before arriving at the question of whether democracy should have the same meaning in every country. We need to ask what is meant by "democracy?" If taken seriously, as meaning "rule by the people," democracy doesn't exist anywhere. In no modern state do the people actually ...

Eidlin Fred
23.10.2014 12:08:00

Political decompression and Russia's emerging public

... somehow still see themselves as the true voice of The People. It is difficult to imagine this Russian Opposition participating in round tables like those in which the leaderships of several East European Communist regimes negotiated transition to democracy with their oppositions. In a recent interview, the leader of the Solidarity movement in Poland, Lech Walensa said "They [the Communists] tried to outsmart us, and we tried to outsmart them." It is difficult to image the Russian Opposition ...

Eidlin Fred
24.09.2014 16:22:00

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