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Outlook for 2020: USA-EU trade dispute, decisive year in the relations NATO-Russia and new wave of refugees

... have lost its drama. At least that suggests the reaction of the world stock exchanges to the phase I deal. They post price gains worldwide. Nevertheless, the forecast institute Oxford Economics comes to the conclusion that a renewed escalation of the trade war remains the greatest danger for the capital markets in the new year. Source: nzherald.co.nzMuch of the phase I agreement between China and the United States remains vague, the essentials remain open, and only a few of the tariffs introduced ...

Ostner Ralf
30.12.2019 11:02:59

War with China: TX Hammes, CSBA, RAND and CSIS–Thinking through the Unthinkable and rethinking Armaggedon

... submarines, drones, mines, and a limited number of air assets inside the first island chain. This area will be declared a maritime exclusion zone with the warning that enemy ships in the zone will be sunk or boarded. If these ships evade the blockade and trade with China, they will be subject to seizure and prize court when they pass through the 1st Island Chain on their return voyage. While the United States cannot stop all sea traffic in this zone, it can prevent the passage of large cargo ships and ...

Ostner Ralf
05.11.2019 15:25:18

Bridges to India

... But from this peak, there has been a steady and gradual divergence between Russia and India. Whereas India had a marked tilt toward the USSR back then, there is now an even more marked tilt toward the US. Centralized government plans for increasing trade between India and Russia may not be as successful as the creation of a large private sector Indo-Russian ‘executive bridge’. This executive bridge could be similar to the Indo-American one between top business executives in US and Indian companies,...

Murlidhar Neel
16.09.2019 13:14:19

The Many Roadblocks of Russian-South Korean Economic Integration

... North Korea), the Republic of Korea (South Korea), Japan, and the United States. For both experts and casual followers of international news alike, reading through the list of countries above brings to mind recent world events, such as the increased trade tensions between the U.S. and China beginning in 2018, missile testing by North Korea beginning in 2017, and well before that, sanctions leveled at Russia in 2013 for its interference in Ukraine. While these events are unrelated, it underscores ...

Heck Angela
29.07.2019 11:50:44

Does it worth Germany and France taking refuge into the arms of Russia and China?

... and hollow out our economy at the same time. European independence on foreign and energy policy out from under the umbrella of the U.S. and into an agreement with Russia, as Macron said. Is it viable to join hands with China? President Xi Jinping’s trade infrastructure project could be hitting significant bottlenecks as some countries begin to sound alarms regarding the massive debt loads their governments are incurring. Chinese, trade initiative, which needs more than $26 trillion of infrastructure ...

Sohail Ajmal
23.07.2019 13:17:31

America. A system that doesn't work anymore

Too much ink has been spilled on US-China trade war and its ramifications on both countries and its rippling effects on the world. “Rejecting the idea of globalism and embracing nationalism” American trade policy is meandering through a path that leads US to isolation and a situation which ...

Fatima Samreen
25.03.2019 13:49:45

EU Impaired by Greek Deal

via Leksika Nearing the End The Greek Crisis has pushed Europe to the brink. The deal agreed to on Monday relieved markets and points to a route for Athens to remain in the Eurozone. However, the deal provides no long-term solution to the crisis—it instead marks a long-term change in how Europe views and organizes itself. In the next two weeks, there are a multitude of ways for the deal to collapse before the bailout even starts, not least of which are the points of confirmation by Greece...

Vuksic Spencer
15.07.2015 17:39:00

A New Dawn In the East

... need only look at the recent trilateral summit between Russia, China and Mongolia to see the extent to which these nations can be defined by cooperation rather than conflict.13 Furthermore, each nation serves to fill an export niche within the overall trade network between the three countries. China uses Mongolia’s raw materials to support its economic boom, whilst Mongolia utilises Russian energy supplies to fuel its extraction industries. Russia, meanwhile, is looking to import cheap goods ...

Riley-Gould Harry
12.09.2014 16:03:00

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