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The ‘Thousand Grains of Sand’ To Acquire Ukrainian Military Technology

... companies seems to have irked Beijing. Furthermore, Ukrainian authorities froze shares and imposed sanctions on Chinese individuals and entities involved in the deal. Subsequently, Beijing has reportedly employed covert tactics to acquire Ukrainian military technology. China is interested in Ukraine’s defence-industrial complex. For many years, China’s intelligence service used the cover of public organisations to lure gullible Ukrainian engineers and technologists to move to China to establish and work ...

Fabbri Valerio
18.02.2022 16:06:03

Undercurrents in Russia-China Bonhomie

... settlement of Chinese nationals and leasing of land by them in Russia’s Far East have also raised Moscow’s concerns about China’s growing influence in the region. There have been apprehensions in Moscow about Beijing trying to copy the former’s technology. Many in Russia are of the view that with China’s increasing willingness to play a leading global role, strategic competition between China and Russia may increase, which could “undermine” cooperation. In terms of bilateral trade, Russian ...

Fabbri Valerio
17.12.2021 18:37:16

The Technological Revolution in China and the USA: What About Europe and Eurasia?

... which fully embrace robotics and artificial intelligence The US military will need to fully embrace robotics and artificial intelligence if it is to maintain superiority over China, according to the Pentagon’s top general.University of Science and Technology of ChinaJoint Chiefs Chairman General Mark Milley also said smaller, more capable forces armed with long-range missiles would need to be posted more widely around Asia to hem in the top US adversary. “We are in the middle of a fundamental ...

Ostner Ralf
08.12.2020 18:42:58

EU-Russian ecological cooperation needed despite and because of the Covid crisis

... decision between carbon- and non-carbon economies. Oil and gas will be reduced, but for a foreseeable future still be part of the energy mix. As Prof. Rahr, EU adviser to Gazprom proposed, Russian carbons could be used for the production of hydrogen technology. However it would be a bad idea if Russia for the production of hydrogen would burn gas and raise the CO2 emissions. Hydrogen technology only makes sense if its energy base are renewable energies. Methanol economy With the clean and unlimited ...

Ostner Ralf
18.05.2020 18:06:17

Robots To Define Russian Geopolitics

On December 1, Abishur Prakash launched a groundbreaking new book called “Next Geopolitics: The Future of World Affairs (Technology).” It looks at how new technologies like robotics, embryo editing, and food cloning will transform world affairs. Russia is featured multiple times in the book for its advances in artificial intelligence and robotics. Russia is in a period ...

Prakash Abishur
19.12.2016 13:06:00

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