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The Second or Third Nuclear Age, Hermann Kahn´s escalation ladder and chess

... as they have been influenced by advances in the cognitive sciences, to include prospect theory. Their paper also includes an analysis of the implications for U.S. interests, with an emphasis on preserving the seventy-one-year tradition of non-use of nuclear weapons (since their only use in 1945), also known as the “nuclear taboo.” The existing and prospective challenges posed by the Second Nuclear Age, as reflected in these scenarios, are sobering. If the United States seeks to preserve the nuclear ...

Ostner Ralf
09.12.2019 22:40:43

The U.S.-Russia Arms Control Talks at the Highest Political Level Are Needed – At Least to Hammer Out Some Initial Arrangements

... during their first Summit. But, in order to make a considerable step forward to greater bilateral and global security they have to make at least a number of initial steps, for example: 1. To sign the legally-binding Treaty on no-first-use of any kind of nuclear weapons with any nuclear yield against each other. If such agreement is not formalized to reach agreements on the rest proposals listed below will be useless. 2. To arrive at an agreement on limiting the total number of strategic BMD interceptors ...

Козин Владимир
07.06.2018 13:56:19

The World Must Pursue Calculated Disarmament

Recently, more than 120 countries have backed the first-ever treaty to eliminate the nuclear weapons around the globe, despite a boycott by all nuclear-armed nations. By ratifying the treaty, each state party undertakes not to; develop, test, produce, manufacture, otherwise acquire, possess or stockpile nuclear weapons or other nuclear ...

Ehtisham Hasan
13.09.2017 11:56:41

Grossly Underestimated Indian Nuclear Program

... dispel the misperceptions for the interest of general public.Photo by defencetalk.netPabeliña and Villaruel of Center for International Relations and Strategic Studies of the Foreign Service Institute argue that Pakistan possesses about 130 to 140 nuclear weapons. Their proposition is drawn  from the estimates of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists and Stockholm International Peace Research Institute  . Likewise, International Panel for Fissile Material believes that Islamabad is believed to have ...

Хан Ахмад
14.08.2017 12:36:36

Theorising on the Causes of Nuclear Weapons Proliferation

Despite the degree of uniqueness stemming from its particular specifics, each case of nuclear weapons proliferation also exemplifies one or more of the five main determinants of a state’s decision to acquire nuclear weapons that have been identified in the relevant literature: security, domestic politics, norms, technology and economics....

Machairas Dimitrios
19.10.2013 23:17:00

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