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Why Isn’t Anyone Giving Obama Credit for Ousting Maliki?

... to gain so much in power there in the first place, further fragmenting an already disintegrating nation and creating more problems for the U.S., the region, and the world. U.S. support would also strengthen an Iraqi government that was in line with Iran in many ways and had resisted accommodating the U.S. government when it came to a whole array of issues. Helping Maliki’s government would thus provide little advancement for U.S. interests other than blunting ISIS’s advance in the short-term,...

13.01.2015 18:52:00

BRICS and Washington's social pivot to India

... shipping lanes from Singapore to the Horn of Africa. If anything, Modi inherits the legacy of positive relations with Washington established by his mentor, Vajpayee, who did campaign for his victory. www.veooz.com Charm Offensive won’t stop China-Iran cooperation Through Washington’s eyes India’s strategic location makes it a candidate to counterpoise the growing military relationship between Beijing and Tehran, particularly naval exercises in the strategic Indian Ocean shipping lanes....

02.10.2014 20:25:00

The ISIS Crisis and the faiblesse of global governance

... of losing search engine optimization, and content marketing value associated with the “Cold War” brand. The view from Tehran The view from Tehran says that “ISIS” is a US-led attempt to destabilize the Islamic Republic of Iran. But the question that analysts aren’t discussing publicly is whether Iran, through proxy organizations has been supportive of the “IS” brand. What major power has not, indirectly, had contact with some ISIS-linked group, via ...

11.09.2014 10:13:00

Islam, the hidden “I” in BRICS

... littoral (Maghreb) and Egypt. Some businessmen and government officials of Middle Eastern heritage in Venezuela started pushing for an OPEC organization to countervail the U.S. dominated “Seven Sisters” oil cartel as early as 1949, as did Iran. By the time a “third generation” of the BRICS replaces the second one will the organization have in place a tenable menu of strategic coordination options to accommodate and mediate the interests of Islam and Islamists? Should it? ...

14.07.2014 04:38:00

How ISIL is financing its war machine – Terror 2.0

When ISIL – the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant – announced its independence from Al Qaeda in February 2014, most analysts understood such a divorce within the Islamic radical family as a clear sign of the group disintegration along contradictory terror narratives. More fundamental in its view than its sister group in Syria, Al Nusra, ISIL has advocated a harsher stance against those it labelled the “enemies of Islam”, seeking not to negotiate but to annihilate. A...

04.07.2014 19:38:00

Yemen Shia community fails prey to globalization games

... attacks against the community has meant that Shia Muslims have been made to feel vulnerable and fearful; a situation which has only been accentuated by politicians’ insistence to link Shia Islam with the Houthis and beyond, the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Houthis, who are Zaidi Muslims (a small sect of Shia Islam) is a political faction organized under the leadership of Sheikh Abdel-Malek Al Houthi, and have always made clear that while they belong to Shia Islam, their political views are however ...

07.05.2014 19:43:00

Washington changes rules of engagement in Syria

... Bandar was quite literally put on political hold after a remark he made to French President Francois Hollande in the summer of 2013 prompted US President Barack Obama’s ire. At the time, Prince Bandar commented that by diplomatically engaging Iran, the US had proven it would no longer defend Saudi Arabia’s regional interests in the Middle East, a stance the Prince noted would have to be addressed. Needless to say that the Prince of Terror’s comments - as many have dubbed him ...

10.04.2014 13:07:00

Forging ahead, President Karzai stirs Afghanistan away from Washington’ shadow

... it does not meet its immediate security interests, an avenue has been opened up in between Kabul and the Taliban. For the past months, President Karzai has extensively worked to further bilateral cooperation with India, Pakistan and most importantly, Iran, determined as he is to create a network of economic, military and political alliances which will counteract any insurgency movement in Afghanistan; a move many experts have said could be prove far more effective than Washington’s military ...

28.02.2014 13:07:00

Pugwash… The Contemporary Relevance Of The 1995 Nobel Peace Prize

... thermonuclear conflict. No nuclear bombs dropped from airplanes. No guided missiles launched from hardened sites or submarines. Edward Teller, Admiral Hyman Rickover, General Curtis LeMay and nuclear war theorist Herman Kahn are icons of the past. Today, even Iran is taking part in Pugwash discussions. Photo: University of California The cooperation between the United States and Russia which provides the institutional superstructure to facilitate Kerry-Lavrov and the Iran nuclear talks has its roots in the ...

29.11.2013 03:23:00

FIFA, Iran And The Future Of Sports Diplomacy

Undeterred by the political-psychological situation surrounding regional nuclear politics FIFA president Sepp Blatter flew into Tehran recently to meet president Hassan Rouhani and approve the Islamic Republic of Iran as the host of FIFA’s 2019 Asia Games. This move was a well thought out public relations coup by the 77 year old Blatter that provides him with media momentum as he seeks an unprecedented fifth term as head of FIFA, the international governing ...

15.11.2013 17:30:00

Debating Solutions for Syria: Pacted Transition, Not Military Action

... the spot. Trying to hold onto power through terror, the Assad regime gravely undermined its legitimacy and, worse, triggered a civil war. As the violence in Syria escalated, a regional conflict morphed into an issue of international concern. Russia, Iran, Lebanon’s militia group Hizbullah, and China backed the Assad regime. The so-called “Friends of Syria,” including Gulf states, Jordan, Turkey, the European Union, and the United States, took the side of the Syrian opposition. Due ...

10.09.2013 10:36:00

The Oxymoronic Déjà Vu of Humanitarian Bombing in Syria

In light of the recent developments in Syria and the apparently imminent US military intervention, the blog will take a short break from its relatively academic style and its thematic focus in order to brainstorm and share some thoughts on the broader picture of what is happening in the geopolitical arena of the region. Dangerous Double Standards Bashar al-Assad has reportedly used chemical weapons to attack, essentially, his own people. The first, logically obvious question is why would Assad essentially...

07.09.2013 14:04:00

Does Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Want a Nuclear Deal With the USA?

... focus on the logic of the method. This method assumes that everything in the world is relative. Especially in politics, where political behavior and events are often ambiguous and are difficult to measure. For example, it is not quite clear whether Iran wants to cooperate with the United States at all. In February Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, whose support is considered crucial for any major foreign policy decisions, said that direct talks between Iran and the United States ...

13.03.2013 23:16:00


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