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Attracting students: a compared analysis of the English version Russian universities website

... how prestigious are the universities of a different country, common means and language of communication are needed. Since in nowadays globalised (or even post-globalised) world the most powerful and popular means of communication is provided by the Internet connection, and since English has become the “global language” above all, every university interested in attracting foreign students must have a website in English, where every needed information should be provided. -    Finding information: ...

Bescotti Elia
27.04.2017 00:05:53

Russian Foreign Ministry Sends Evacuation Info to 20 000 Russian Tourists in Egypt via Social Media

... even those users who were registered under fake names received messages, and that no one requested information from tour companies.VK spokesperson Georgy Lobushkin and Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova commented on this issue to the Internet news website TJournal. According to Lobushkin, MFA representatives approached VK and requested to help spread an already posted message. VK suggested using a new function, tested since October, that allows public groups to send direct messages ...

Шакиров Олег
09.11.2015 01:52:00

Framework on E-Growth Strategy

Today, Russia still lags behind most other European countries in terms of penetration, with roughly half of the adult population connected. Russia is catching up quickly however, with average annual growth in Internet users exceeding 10% over the last few years. In September 2011, Russia overtook Germany as the market with the largest number of unique Internet users in Europe. Russian E-Commerce Industry is very nascent. Country with strong mobile base has ...

Ganapathy K. V.
05.06.2015 10:15:00

Russian Digital Diplomacy: 7 trends of 2014

... Department (DIP) of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) became one of the winners of the Runet Prize, the annual national award honoring Russian websites. Maria Zakharova, deputy head of the department who became the main MFA spokesperson on the internet over past years, noted on the occasion: “You cannot imagine, how difficult it often is for diplomats trained in the tradition of [the head of early Soviet foreign policy, Georgy] Chicherin to master new technologies.” The use of social networking ...

Шакиров Олег
19.02.2015 07:03:00

The Irrepressible Rise of the Runet

Imagine you are on a gameshow, and are asked the following question: in which year did the Russian language internet -- commonly known as Runet-- begin? The answer, you could assume, is 1990, with the creation of Relcom. Unless its 1983, that is, with the San Francisco Moscow Teleport. Which would mean you aren’t accepting the 1972 Express automated data ...

Riley-Gould Harry
02.09.2014 15:07:00

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