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Part II. The Russian Dilemma: Who is to Blame and What Should Be Done? Path Dependence

... Sciences, by analyzing the constitutional changes in Spain and the United Kingdom, suggested that countries that were trying to get in vain to the high trajectory had made the mistakes at the institutional level which shaped the rest of the country’s history [1]. By the 16th century, both countries had the same economic performance, population and both states had the expansion foreign policy. However, by the XIX century, it became clear that both states started to follow different trajectories (see ...

Shedov Yaroslav
04.06.2021 15:23:39

Part I. The Russian Dilemma: Who is to Blame and What Should Be Done? Path Dependence

... before, and perhaps often (Mark Twain, 1865).TASS 1. Historic recurrence The wheel turns, nothing is ever new. That is the first idea that may come up in somebody’s mind when looking at the data of the countries’ economic performances throughout history, as it will become clear that most states have been following a certain trend, their own trajectory. As an example, in 1890, Galicia and Eastern Hungary (parts of Austria-Hungary at that time) had slightly higher GDP per capita than Russian Empire ...

Shedov Yaroslav
14.05.2021 15:24:28

How Russia Saved the United States Twice

... this nation-building war. Unfortunately, they are never reminded about Russia’s contribution to the U.S. independence. The second most important conflict in America was the Civil War (1861-1865). This time, once again, Russia was on the right side of history. We can draw some parallels between the two contemporaries, the first Republican President Abraham Lincoln and Russian Tsar Alexander II (also known as the Liberator). Both men initiated fundamental reforms to reconstruct their countries, both ...

Вирясов Алексей
03.07.2020 19:28:16

Russia in a Eurasian Triple Entente, with excerpts from Vadim Tsymbursky and Halford Mackinder

... against the USSR – laying the basis for a protracted, expensive and miserable cold war, all within the short two years while Byrnes was in charge, before he and Truman had a falling apart. While needing to tread very carefully because of this sad history with strategic partnerships, there may be possibilities for Russia in a new Triple Entente for the next century, this time with partners holding long-term world views – a Eurasian Triple Entente. This is the final part of a three-part series ...

Murlidhar Neel
02.10.2019 14:11:03

Bridges to India

... Equal in stature to Aleksandr Suvorov's dictum, 'train hard – fight easy', is Fred Terman's 'the business of engineering is business', which changed the entire world with Silicon Valley's technical innovations and new business models. Based on long history in The Valley, about 80% of startups will stagnate or die, even with experienced venture capitalists helping motivated and skilled entrepreneurs. This failure rate has to be allowed for and budgeted into funding and operational models. After all,...

Murlidhar Neel
16.09.2019 13:14:19

Russian re-industrialization dangers – lessons from Japan and USA

Russia’s greatness is in the resilience, endurance and inner strength of her people. They have recovered from many devastating tragedies that have befallen the country, from the Mongol scourge to civil war, and from the fascist invasion of the mid-20th century to the tragic decade that followed the collapse of the Soviet Union. Because of that terrible decade, Russia finds itself once again having to regroup and rebuild, to get back to the position of technological superiority that had reached its...

Murlidhar Neel
11.09.2019 16:51:29

“We win, they lose” – Wonderful world of Binary categorisations

... area, as well as the so-called Afroasia forward deployment, as a sort of the enlarged Brezhnev and Monroe doctrines combined together, etc.[2]> Simultaneously, Washington’s darling, Francis Fukuyama, published his famous article The End of History? and the book of a same title which soon followed. To underline the prevailing climate in the States, he even dropped the question mark in the title of the book.[3] Was this sudden meltdown of the Soviet giant and its Day After intrinsic ...

Bajrektarevic Anis H.
11.09.2019 12:00:53

The Birth of Israel: Prague’s Crucial Role

... Story of the Rescue of the Jews since World War II (New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1991), pp. 127, 129. [10] Marie Bulinova, Jiri Dufek, Karel Kaplan, Vladimir Slosar, eds., Ceskoslovensko a Izrael, 1945-56 (Prague: Institute for Contemporary History, 1993), doc. 11, p. 61. [11] Ibid. [12] “Discussion of the report of the First Committee on the establishment of a special committee on Palestine,” United Nations, Seventy-seventh Plenary Meeting, General Assembly Hall, Flushing Meadow, N....

Valenta Jiri and Leni
05.12.2018 14:56:44

The Munich Agreement 80 Years On

... Agreement, which marked its 80th anniversary last month, has become synonymous with the perils of appeasing megalomaniacal tyrants. Yet while most discussions focus on the Anglo-French betrayal of Czechoslovakia that would trigger the worst war in human history, there is a commonly overlooked lesson to this tragedy: the need of small nations to defend their independence at all costs, even at the risk of defying most of the international community. Had Czechoslovakia defied the Munich sellout and defended ...

Valenta Jiri and Leni
09.11.2018 14:12:18

US Sanctions Reach a Turning Point. De-Dollarization and Collusion against the U.S.

A defining moment for the US sanctions regime Each year, the USA finds a new country or group of countries to target with sanctions. Each year the USA adds about 1,000 individuals to its ever longer sanctions list. Now, US sanctions are coming to a turning point. Up till now, the EU – representing around the same percentage of the world economy as the USA – was sitting put, as the USA grew its sanctions regime to ever more bizarre proportions. Together, the USA and the EU constituted nearly half...

Риис Карстен
09.10.2018 10:26:37

The logics of secession

... 115-215 [20] Ibidem, pp. 79-95, B. Lehning (ed.) Theories of secession¸ A. Pavković, “Secession: a much contested concept” [21] For further readings on the identity difference within the United States, see C. Woodard, American Nations: A History of the Eleven Rival Regional Cultures of North America, Viking Penguin, 2011

Bescotti Elia
08.02.2018 23:16:31

Ukraine untold: Is it time for America to ignore Ukraine’s unsolved past, and sacrifice its core values and national interest on the alter of the post-Cold War blindness?

... complementing sometimes incomplete reporting on this very important issue for the future of my country and the CEE region security), I have a legitimate fear that President Trump’s vision could be doomed by “an ahistorical people... [who are not thought] history anymore as a sequence of events… but deal with it in terms of themes without context,” as Kissinger rightly noticed.Having said that, wholeheartedly believing that in order to pursue realistic foreign policy first and foremost we should try ...

Kasonta Adriel
14.03.2017 14:21:00

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