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Women and International Relations: Evolution of a Concealed Binomial

This article focuses on the role of feminism in international relations theory. The wide-ranging theme will be inscribed within the system of logics, particularly Western subordination logic. Feminism has indeed its roots in Western logic. It is one of the products of subordination logic and does not exist anywhere else. Subordination logic allows the evolution of women and their entry into politics. The article will be divided into three paragraphs. The first paragraph will portray some important...

Bonelli Francesca
04.05.2022 18:31:07

The East-Med Pipeline and the European-Turkish Relations

... share the extraction, but Turkey began to exploit its territorial disputes over Cyprus in favour of dominating the extraction procedure in the Eastern Mediterranean.3 With Turkey’s ambitions rising over these resources, other regional actors including Greece, Israel, Egypt, Cyprus, and Italy formed a collective body and signed agreements over the extraction process of the Eastern Mediterranean natural gas fields and intentionally not inviting Turkey. Seeing the above, Turkey began to expand its regional ...

Акбари Араш
01.03.2022 14:00:30

Greece’s American Naïveté: Beware Americans Bearing Gifts

Early last year, I concluded an article entitled ‘Greece and Russia: back to the ‘Truman Doctrine?’, with the words: ‘Then becomes now, albeit with different colors. Just as with Britain during her heyday, Greece’s relations with Russia today are predicated on the US’s keeping Russia at bay ...

Mallinson William
23.11.2021 23:32:15

Is England, my England a Dying Butler?

... Democrats were still a sensible party, and not the politically correct and wokish Blairite gender-obsessed pressure group that they have now become. But I failed to win the seat (proportional representation had not yet been introduced), and left for Greece not long afterwards. I then resigned from the party after a dispute with its leader, Paddy Ashdown, over the bombing of Serbia in 1999, disagreeing strongly with his obvious support for the bombing. I had stood as a candidate because I believed ...

Mallinson William
28.07.2021 17:34:33

NATO’s Cypriot Trick

... moved its Middle East Headquarters from Aden to Cyprus, while the U.S. was taking over from the UK and France in the Middle East. Although, to some extent under U.S. pressure, Britain was forced to bring Makarios out of exile and begin negotiating with Greece and Turkey to give up its colony, the U.S. opted for a NATO solution. It would not do to have a truly sovereign Cyprus, but only one which accepted the existence of the Sovereign Base Areas (SBAs) as part and parcel of any settlement; and so it ...

Mallinson William
22.06.2021 18:59:18

Talking Turkey With Greece: Turkey and Israel’s Marriage of Convenience

... killing of nine Turks on a vessel trying to break the Gaza blockade. Military co-operation between Israel and Turkey was suspended. Backstage American pressure on its two key allies, however, along with an American sponsored joint military love-in between Greece and Israel is leading to new Turkish diplomatic pirouetting: relations between Israel and Turkey could be improving. Bilateral talks are in the offing, and full diplomatic relations could be restored by March, meaning re-activating Turkish-Israeli ...

Mallinson William
21.01.2021 12:34:42

Greek Auditory Illusions in the Greek-American-Turkish-Russian Labyrinth

... Guglielmo Marconi University, Italywww.greekcitytimes.comA correspondent shared the following with one of the authors of this piece: In an event organised in the USA for a group of Greek luminaries the main speaker was a former American ambassador to Greece. He boasted about his strong philhellenic credentials and even brandished a photo of himself dressed in an ancient Greek tunic, earning universal applause from his Greek audience. When he had finished his address, which was replete with praise ...

Mallinson William
06.11.2020 20:01:58

Britain, Greece, Turkey and The Aegean: Does Anything Change?

Since at least 1955, the Aegean Sea has long been an area of contention between local powers Greece and Turkey on the one hand, and the US-UK-Israeli strategic axis on the other, with the Soviet Union and then Russia defending its interests when necessary, since the Aegean cannot be separated from the Eastern Mediterranean as a strategic whole,...

Маллинсон Уильям
08.09.2020 16:06:21

The Greek Immigrant Crisis: Old Invasions, New Colours

... their just deserts for their selfishness, with the Moslems even reaching Vienna in 1681. Fast forward to today: although there are obvious various differences, we are seeing the same geohistorical tendencies as I write: thousands of Moslems are invading Greece and destroying its way of life on some of her most beautiful islands, all orchestrated by a neo-Ottoman panjandrum, who some think is blackmailing the EU, while the latter is offering only minimal help, having already hit Greece through extremely ...

Маллинсон Уильям
04.03.2020 11:25:11

Ending the Name Dispute: Greece and (North)Macedonia finally overcoming their ancient heritage rivalry? What comes next?

On June 17, 2018 Macedonia and Greeced signed a historical agreement that settled 27 years of Name Dispute. Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and his Greek counterpart Alexis Tsipras agreed on a new name for the Republic of Macedonia (internationaly recognized as the Former Yugoslav ...

Rousseau Emmanuelle
01.07.2018 22:59:20

EU Impaired by Greek Deal

... crisis—it instead marks a long-term change in how Europe views and organizes itself. In the next two weeks, there are a multitude of ways for the deal to collapse before the bailout even starts, not least of which are the points of confirmation by Greece today and European national parliaments in the next week. Implications of this deal abound, but they are largely negative. Aside from keeping Greece in the Eurozone for now, this agreement provides security to neither Athens or to Brussels. Regardless ...

Vuksic Spencer
15.07.2015 17:39:00

Russian-Greek economic cooperation: Is there still room for optimism?

Kvashnin Yuri (Ph.D in History) (Head, European Union Studies Department, IMEMO RAN, RIAC Expert) Today the Russian-Greek economic relations are affected by a triple crisis: the ongoing crisis in Greece, the crisis in Russian–EU relations and Russia's economic hardships. As for the first one, at the beginning of this year Greece's economic prospects looked bright. 2013 was the first year when Greece achieved primary surplus ...

RIEAS Research Institute for European and American Studi
03.01.2015 01:06:00

Dance with Troikas

... Academic Advisor based in Seattle, USA) Ever since April, and a much publicized re-entry in the capital markets to secure a loan, the Greek PM Mr. Samaras has taken no breaks from advertising his government's supposed "success" in leading Greece "out of her crisis." With the exception of Mr. Samaras's narrow circle of advisers, everyone knows that this claim is bogus. In October, Mr. Samaras took another bold, but utterly inane, step in announcing that Greece was about ...

RIEAS Research Institute for European and American Studi
08.12.2014 18:10:00

National Security and Intelligence Reform: The Case of Greece

During the first decade of the 21st century, as long as national and international security is concerned, terrorism remains a major issue. The events of September 11th 2001 in the USA, March 11th 2004 in Madrid, July 7th 2005 in London and most recently July 18th 2012 in Burgas, Bulgaria, indicate, or actually prove, that the distribution and analysis of information by those who are competent to eliminate international terrorism is inefficient. Intelligence cooperation is still an obstacle for...

RIEAS Research Institute for European and American Studi
05.10.2013 13:53:00

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