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Ukrainian National Unity: An Opportunity Lost

The “Heavenly Hundred” who fell during the Euromaidan protests and the soldiers who resisted the Russian invasion of Crimea had the potential to contribute to a unifying national narrative in Ukraine. This opportunity was quickly lost, with fighting and rising casualties in Luhansk and Donetsk cementing regional divisions. The failure of President Poroshenko to quickly ...

Griffin Sean
04.07.2014 14:14:00

The Fast and The Furious in Gas Geopolitics

... rendered the real payment by Ukraine to Russia for gas delivery at 286 USD per 1000 cubic meters. The first discount was immediately connected to the bilateral agreement Russia and Ukraine had signed earlier about the presence of the Russian Navy in Crimea. That agreement was already in place and allowed the Russian Navy to be housed in Crimea for 96 million dollars per year until 2017. The first gas discount negotiated between the two countries was to be applied at the conclusion of the Russian ...

Crosston Matthew
19.06.2014 17:56:00

To Live and Die in Donetsk

... all parties across the world would universally praise and support their removal of the president, they badly analyzed the situation on the ground in eastern Ukraine. In several media interviews I gave in the United States following the referendum in Crimea, I warned that the greatest possible danger in Ukraine would be civil groups in major eastern Ukrainian cities looking to Crimea as a model to emulate and at the Crimean referendum as a precedent to follow. The reason I said back then that this ...

Crosston Matthew
16.06.2014 01:08:00

The Unintended Consequence of Maidan

... off-guard that anyone on the outside would have words or actions for their behavior other than simple congratulatory phone calls. Obviously, this has proven to be a rather large mistake. A second aspect to play out from the Maidan revolution (the Crimean referendum) is also rather unique and an academic ‘special case study’ worthy of greater attention that as of yet has failed to be recognized here in the West. Most of our studies dealing with regions trying to secede tend to be examples ...

Crosston Matthew
10.05.2014 21:12:00

Ukraine’s tragedy is everyone’s tragedy

... southwestern neighbour would come at an enormous cost to Russia, not only because of the West’s potentially tough response, but, primarily, in material terms — while popular support for the move is less than evident. In essence, a repetition of the Crimean scenario is possible, but unlikely. The most likely outcome is far-reaching regional autonomy, perhaps in the context of the federalisation of the state. But no-one knows how, or when, these moves should take place or who should initiate them....

Radnoti Andras
17.04.2014 16:14:00

Between Yellowknife and Crimea: towards a security dilemma?

The Arctic Council diplomats gathered in Yellowknife, Canada, from the 25th to the 27th of March to discuss high-level political issues concerning the Arctic. The work of the Arctic Council continues, but the echo of the events that occurred in Crimea cannot be ignored. How is Arctic cooperation responding to this unprecedented crisis in Russian-Western relations? What will happen to Arctic cooperation? Is the rise of tension leading to a security dilemma? The Yellowknife meeting The ...

Milazzo Eleonora
14.04.2014 10:43:00

Washington changes rules of engagement in Syria

... repercussions a protracted conflict in the Levant will have in the region, especially in view of Saudi Arabia’s aggressive promotion of radical Islam as a weapon of war, the Pentagon envisioned a different approach. As history will have it the Crimean crisis would come to put a spanner in the work, playing directly into Saudi Arabia’s hands. As noted by Chris Bambery – political analyst – to RT on Tuesday, “The sudden shipment of anti-tank missiles to Syrian rebels ...

Shakdam Catherine
10.04.2014 13:07:00

Putin and the West: To Dance or Not to Dance?

... likely the lament privately voiced by many in the corridors of American and European power. Obama’s recent trip to Europe to shore up greater resolve and commitment for strengthening sanctions and isolating (or is it shaming?) Russia after the Crimea annexation (or is it secession?) was fairly uneventful. The fact of the matter is no one in Europe seems to be all that eager to truly push violent confrontation with Russia as long as Russia doesn’t seem intent on trying to obtain other ...

Crosston Matthew
01.04.2014 17:44:00

Beware the Sheep with Fangs

... Shufrich and the former Prime Minister, recently-freed-from-prison, media darling Yulia Tymoshenko. The recording, which lasts just over two minutes, pulls no punches as Tymoshenko and Shufrich basically excoriate everyone associated with the events in Crimea, regretting they are not able to, in turn, shoot people in the head, fire nuclear weapons on them, and march down to Crimea themselves and start an armed retaliation campaign against all those who were for the referendum to secede from Ukraine ...

Crosston Matthew
25.03.2014 16:26:00

Что Делать, или, Куда Дальше?

These are the days of our Spring discontent. It is ironic to consider that as events continue to unfold in Crimea the path that might hold the most hope for future peace and stability is the one that guarantees all sides being at least somewhat disappointed. Allow me to elaborate: Why Ukraine should be disappointed: Crimea is done. As the famous Southern ...

Crosston Matthew
21.03.2014 05:43:00

There will be no Cold War

Vladimir Putin’s annexation of Crimea has enraged the West. His lack of openness to any compromise has forced it to launch a — weak — sanctions regime. Putin finds this ‘unacceptable’ and threatens retaliation. In yesterday’s speech — which many ...

Radnoti Andras
19.03.2014 15:05:00

Annexing Crimea is against Russia’s interests

Having invaded Crimea, set up a puppet government and organised a sham referendum, now Vladimir Putin will have to facilitate the region’s accession to Russia. There is little doubt this is going to happen swiftly. Any different reaction to yesterday’s clear,...

Radnoti Andras
17.03.2014 12:45:00

How to Make a Russian Demon: Western Media 101

March 16, 2014 marks the day when the people of Crimea go to the voting booths to decide whether they will be part of Ukraine or part of Russia. While the referendum is no doubt important to people living in Crimea, I for one remain highly skeptical that the results will actually be the ultimate arbiter ...

Crosston Matthew
17.03.2014 01:24:00

America: The Geopolitical Prom Queen?

... geopolitical prom queen: In the past it has warned Russia about how it acted with Chechnya, China, Venezuela, Iran, and Syria, but ultimately did nothing. It is now warning Russia that ‘there will be costs’ if it acts inappropriately in Crimea and onward with greater Ukraine. One might forgive Russia if it reacts to such warnings with a giant foreign policy yawn. Let us look briefly at Ukraine: Yanukovych was a thug. But he was a thug popularly elected in his own country. But he was ...

Crosston Matthew
15.03.2014 18:45:00

America vs. Russia: Bringing a Knife to a Foreign Policy Gunfight

At the present writing there has not been a final resolution to the crisis in Crimea and the possibility of a worsening situation remains high as the new Ukrainian Prime Minister heads to Washington DC while local Crimean authorities, with Russian support, promise to hold a referendum on basically seceding from Ukraine and rejoining ...

Crosston Matthew
13.03.2014 21:07:00


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