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Understanding the Debate about Cryptocurrencies in Central Asia

... national blockchain technology could be developed in partnership with companies that have an extensive experience in this area. This approach is similar to what Egypt is doing in 2021. The second option is to do such as El Salvador and let people use Bitcoin on a daily basis. As such, taxes will be paid in what the authorities are interested in as a currency (e.g. Bitcoin for El Salvador). In this scenario, governments would decide citizens are in charge of their assets and central banks will step-back....

Ламберт Майкл
30.09.2021 13:10:23

Crypto-Mining and Regional Security in Abkhazia

The mining of crypto-currencies requires a large amount of electricity to be carried out, making it a significant challenge with the overall electricity consumption to mine Bitcoin equivalent to the annual consumption of electricity in New Zealand and growing at the time of writing.Source: Reuters In consequence, while some governments are actively trying to ban crypto-mining and, to some extent, their use for daily use ...

Ламберт Майкл
11.08.2021 17:49:18

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