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Trump’s administration should formulate a viable strategy for Afghanistan

Since Donald Trump came to power in the United States of America, tough discussions have taken place amongst the major strategists and foreign policy runners in Washington in order to devise a strategy for the war-torn country Afghanistan.The new strategy will not be workable unless the US change the military establishment of Pakistan and modify the behaviour of the deep state of the country.The US strategy formulators ought to not be reluctant of the Pakistani deep-state disastrous function in the...

Sohail Ajmal
17.08.2017 11:56:36

Do CIA and BND punish Recep T. Erdogan?

... sometimes tried to normalize Ankara-Moscow broken relations. For years he opposed Putin’s position on Syria, and he has given up the demand that Syrian dictator Assad must go. On the contrary, he agreed with Russia and Iran, to mutually fight ISIS and Al-Qaeda associate Al-Nusra movement. Furthermore, he pushed deeper to replace NATO military hardware, with Russian and Chinese military technologies. During his visit to Kremlin, he signed a deal to purchase S-400 air and missile defense system. Previously ...

Sohail Ajmal
02.08.2017 15:17:03


The Ukrainian crisis became very serious test for the Russian-NATO relations. The history of modern relationship of Russia and NATO was always characterized by various dynamics, periods of rise and recession of activity of bilateral ties. While taking all latest events into consideration, it is harder to imagine that semi centennial opposition can be disappear so easily when more than a half citizens of Russia and NATO countries continue to consider each other as geopolitical enemies. The relations...

Shahbazov Fuad
19.10.2014 16:20:00

From Syria to Iraq

... “Syrian stage”, where militants of group were fighting under the rule of “Jabhat an-Nusra”, having press of “Free Syrian Army” which supported by the West. During the Iraq campaign group was closely connected with "Al-Qaeda" and was called: "Al-Qaeda in Iraq". Group was made from various fighting Sunni radical groups which were struggled against American troops, governmental forces, and also against Shiite militants. [2] Tactics of militant group ...

Shahbazov Fuad
15.07.2014 14:10:00

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