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Abkhazia’s Cold Relationship with Central Asia

... any leading Abkhaz politician (President, Prime-Minister, or Foreign Minister) to be involved in the small state’s foreign policy by commenting on ongoing situations taking place in Central Asia.Source: Sputnik There are many similarities between Abkhazia and the post-Soviet Central Asian states; both regions have once been part of the Soviet Union. When the USSR dissolved, most people in both regions were reluctant to accept the new circumstances. Today, Abkhazia and several other Central Asian ...

08.08.2022 19:28:03

The Belarusian Irony of Fate in Abkhazia

Will Abkhazia's Christmas present this year be a long-awaited diplomatic recognition by Belarus? Since the break-up of the Soviet Union, the authorities in Minsk have rejected this possibility and missed several opportunities to establish bilateral relationships ...

20.01.2022 18:22:00

Abkhazia’s energy crisis potentially opening the de facto states’ pandora’s box?

 Geopolitical implications on the road to Abkhaz energy securityAfter more than a year of unexpected blackouts, the authorities of Abkhazia initiated rolling blackouts within the state in July 2021, where during the night each region would be deprived of electricity for two hours. Two months later, in September, Abkhazia experienced an unprecedented fuel crisis, which led the government ...

14.10.2021 19:35:11

Crypto-Mining and Regional Security in Abkhazia

... guarantee a rapid increase in El Salvador’s national GDP and public spending associated to it, combined with improved security features associated to blockchain technology by contrast to currencies such as the U.S. dollar. On the European continent, Abkhazia, which is considered a separatist by Western governments and a full-fledged country by Russia, has also moved towards a more flexible crypto-mining policy. Like in El Salvador, the positive signs in favor of crypto-mining have already had an ...

11.08.2021 17:49:18

Republic of Georgia Shows Trump & His Fans Depressingly Normal

... and in what comprises the internationally recognized borders of Georgia today. Since 1800, Russia dominated the country and has been nearly the sole major outside actor involved in these ethnic conflicts, and in recent years has acted to allow both Abkhazia and South Ossetia to become de facto independent from Georgia and to become de facto parts of the Russian Federation. After the period of the rule of the Czars over the Russian Empire ended, the ethnic minorities in Georgia competed for favor ...

12.10.2016 15:03:00

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