No Nation for Idealism

Robert Leggett

Robert Leggett is a Management Consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopeers LLP who specializes in project management, technology and organizational change. Robert has a bachelors degree in political science and a masters degree in public administration. He specializes in international relations and is driven by the opportunity to bridge gaps between cultures and generate innovative solutions to modern day world issues. Robert is 31 years old and was born and raised in New York. He is married to an Ecuadorean national and has 2 children, Cristopher and Sofia. His interests consist of international relations, football, fishing, traveling, grabbing a beer, all HBO series's and volunteer work. He finds comfort among the worker and likes to make people laugh. As of August 2015, Robert is a cancer survivor of Non-Hogkinss Lymphoma. Throughout 2015, he has been on medical leave with chemo therapy and surgery. This time has provided him the opportunity to reflect, spend time with family and pursue his dreams.

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