US, Russia and China: Coping with Rogue States and Terrorists Groups

Jiri and Leni Valenta

The blog focuses on US.-Russian-Chinese conflicts and their cooperation in developing new approaches to threats from rogue states and terrorists groups. Realizing that Great Powers have common interests in economic growth, the welfare of their citizens and preventing nuclear holocaust and ethnic genocides, it avoids the Cold War rhetoric and focuses on the analysis of Great Powers' national interests in determining their policies. Dr. Jiri Valenta is a member of the U.S. Council on Foreign Relations and the author-co-editor of nine books. Leni Friedman Valenta, a playwriting graduate of the Yale School of Drama, is the co-writer/editor and CEO of their post-communist/terrorism website, Their articles have appeared in the premier international affairs magazines, The National Interest, Foreign Policy, Survival and leading newspapers such as The New York Times, Times London, El Pais (Madrid) and Moscow News.

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  1. Как вы оцениваете угрозу от нового коронавируса и реакцию на него?
    Реакция на коронавирус гипертрофирована и представляется более опасной, чем сам вирус  
     369 (43%)
    В мире всё ещё недооценивается угроза вируса — этим и объясняется пандемический характер распространения заболевания  
     277 (32%)
    Реакция на коронавирус адекватна угрозе, представляемой пандемией COVID-19  
     211 (25%)