Arctic Matters

Emily Bond

Emily is a graduating senior at University of California, Santa Barbara, double majoring in Psychology and Slavic Languages and Culture with a minor in History. She is currently studying International Affairs in the Master's Program at MGIMO. After studying under Professor Paul Berkman, a researcher in the NSF-funded Program on Governance for Sustainable Development at the Bren School, her studies refocused on issues of the Arctic and energy diplomacy. In both academic and professional pursuits, she wishes to expand on the idea of science as a diplomatic tool in the global sphere. This blog examines the diplomatic challenges facing the Arctic today, with an emphasis on international cooperation and sustainable resource extraction.

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  1. Как вы оцениваете угрозу от нового коронавируса и реакцию на него?
    Реакция на коронавирус гипертрофирована и представляется более опасной, чем сам вирус  
     369 (43%)
    В мире всё ещё недооценивается угроза вируса — этим и объясняется пандемический характер распространения заболевания  
     277 (32%)
    Реакция на коронавирус адекватна угрозе, представляемой пандемией COVID-19  
     211 (25%)