Leon Moscona

Ученая степень: PhD
Leon Moscona, philosopher, mystic and spiritual teacher, was born in Bulgaria and since 1988 lives in Ireland. He has received initiation into the essence of the coming New Cycle of Existence and has worked for the transformation of humankind for more than forty years. He has given more than four hundred lectures, published the books The Second Coming, The Testament of Truth – Manifesto, The Path of Truth Society, The Teaching and the Cause of the Spirit of Truth (Bulgarian), On the Path of Enlightenment – Autobiographical Notes, Celestial State on Earth, The Project, and produced the documentary film Revelation (YouTube Channel TheRevelation215). For more than twelve years he has led the International Summer Assembly on the sacred mountain Rila in Bulgaria. He is the founder of The Path of Truth Society based in Bulgaria.

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  1. Какие угрозы для окружающей среды, на ваш взгляд, являются наиболее важными для России сегодня? Отметьте не более трех пунктов
    Увеличение количества мусора  
     228 (66.67%)
    Вырубка лесов  
     214 (62.57%)
    Загрязнение воды  
     186 (54.39%)
    Загрязнение воздуха  
     153 (44.74%)
    Проблема захоронения ядерных отходов  
     106 (30.99%)
    Истощение полезных ископаемых  
     90 (26.32%)
    Глобальное потепление  
     83 (24.27%)
    Сокращение биоразнообразия  
     77 (22.51%)
    Звуковое загрязнение  
     25 (7.31%)
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