Planetary Peace Agreement Project

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Тема: Глобальное управление
Регион: Европа
Автор: Leon Moscona

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Dear Friends

We are living in extraordinary times! The present Indo-European Cycle of evolution is coming to a close and humankind is on the threshold of a New Cycle of existence in a New Reality. A dramatic new spiritual story is emerging! This transition explains many of the turbulences in the modern world. They are so well known and depressing that I could identify them as an emerging negative, catastrophic, Apocalypse. For instance, some of the burning problems of contemporary humankind are: climate change, depletion of the earth's resources, religious fanaticism, terrorism, human rights abuses, unequal distribution of wealth and more.

At the same time humankind is engaged in extraordinary miraculous and enlightening expressions of goodness, preparing the way for a positive apocalypse, the Celestial Apocalypse – i.e. spiritual awakening and ascending to higher levels of cosmic consciousness.

In order to enter into the positive, celestial apocalypse, we have to prepare the ground for the world Leaders to sign an important binding Planetary Peace Agreement (similar to the Paris Agreement) for restriction of political confrontations and wars in order to preserve life on Earth and human civilisation.

Some of the guiding principles of this Planetary Peace Agreement are:

•    Shifting from the extremes of egocentrism to developing an ennobled personality and awakening of the human Soul and Spirit;
•    Providing holistic education for everyone on Earth, in order to achieve their positive purposes in life;  
•    Overcoming of struggle and rivalry between the followers of the various religions. They have not only to follow the ultimate goal of their own religion, by also to work for achieving the spiritual goals of the other religions.
•    Harmonious balance between the cosmic Masculine and Feminine Energies in the lives of the people;
•    Adopting the preservation of the Earth, Nature, the Environment and the future of humankind in the long term as a main strategic task;
•    Participation in changing the self-identity of the nations in a peaceful way by activating the essence of their National Souls and Spirit-Guides;
•    Reasonable distribution of the Earthly resources and material goods in order to avoid unacceptable discrepancies;
•    Making the celestial archetypes in the Book of Revelation, and other Holy Scriptures of the world religions, as inspiring plans for action.

The list could be continued and the guiding principles could be presented in much greater detail. In one or another way they are discussed and realised all over the world. Now however we need mutual understanding between the nations and signing of a binding Planetary Peace Agreement in order to preserve our beloved planet Earth, Nature with its great richness and diversity, and our priceless human civilisation.

May Peace prevail on Earth and may world Leaders sign the Planetary Peace Agreement for the good of all humankind!

Leon Moscona    19.02.2018
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