Planetary Peace Agreement Project

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Тема: Глобальное управление
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Автор: Leon Moscona

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The Change of the Cosmic Cycles

We have completed the great Indo-European cycle which lasted more than 10 000 years. The end of this great Indo-European cycle and the beginning of the new one is a great Divine Action. It is connected with:  a) completing the end of the Indo-European cycle; b) making a transition to the new Cosmic cycle; c) the entry into the new Cosmic cycle of evolution. In a preliminary manner I would introduce some ideas about this past, present and future in the life of contemporary humankind.  

           Completing the end of the Indo-European cycle

At the end of every cosmic cycle the CREATOR opens the Books of records of everything that happened and integrates all the past into one single wholeness: Then the totality is seen to be a single event that is fused into the common purpose again, before the CREATOR sends some into the outer darkness with the gnashing teeth beyond the order of the Azilutic sefirot and others back into the Olam Ha-Ba, ‘the World to come’, that begins after the Olam Hazeh, ‘This World’, is dissolved (Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi, A Kabbalistic Universe, Kabbalah Society, 2007, p.245).

So, the Indo-European cycle ends with the Day of Resurrection and Judgment.  It is a dramatic story for which we have to be prepared.

On the other hand God gathers the spiritual fruits from the outgoing cycle to bring them into the new cycle of existence. These are the Initiations which were bestowed on humankind by the Divine Masters and Personifications of the Divine Mother. In the new Celestial State on Earth this metaphysical event could take the form of a majestic integral New Pentecost. The Holy Spirit will reveal the whole spiritual history of humankind in the Indo-European cycle, initiation after initiation, so that all twelve gates of the Heavenly Jerusalem will be open and the people will become able to experience simultaneously the richness of many spiritual traditions – Hermetism, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Zoroastrism, Christianity, Islam and others. Thus the Holy Spirit will open the Book of the Living where all initiations from the Indo -European cycle are written.

       Making the transition to the new Cosmic cycle

God creates the New Reality through the New Coming of the Divine Masters and the Personifications of the Divine Feminine. The Masters, according to their promises, can appear on any level of Creation, but regardless of their actual manifestations, they will proclaim the wholeness of Being on both the macrocosmic and microcosmic levels. For instance, the Hebrew Messiah will come to lead the New Exodus of representatives of all world religions to the Heavenly Jerusalem and will inaugurate the Third Temple – the whole Universe as a Divine Temple. Zoroaster may manifest in the Heavenly worlds as an inner Guide within our souls and spirits and will reveal the mystery of the great cosmic-spiritual Light, Ahura Mazda, which gives eternal life to all of Creation. The coming of Maitreya-Buddha will result in a great, staggering Enlightenment revealing the totality of all existence and embracing the past, present and future of humankind. Christ, "the Son of Man will appear, coming on the clouds with great power and glory" (Mark 13:26), i.e. He will appear in His universal body, in the highest Divine world, as the Light of the whole of Creation. The Divine Guru Ramakrishna was an embodiment of the Spirits of Rama and Krishna; in his New Coming he can even become a manifestation of Masters from different traditions in order to confirm the absolute mystical unity of all religions. Each one of the Masters and the Personifications of the Divine Feminine as well, will find the most appropriate male and female, physical, etheric, heavenly or universal bodies to manifest the great apocalyptic event of the new Cosmic cycle.

Here it is interesting to refer to the great visions of St. John about the transition to the new world through some awesome negative and positive events like The Fall of Babylon (Chapter 18) and The Wedding Feast of the Lamb (Chapter 19), The Battle of the Rider on the White Horse (Chapter 19), The Thousand Years Kingdom of Christ (Chapter 20),The Defeat of Satan and The Final Judgement (Chapter 20). Description of similar events we could find in the Books of the Prophets Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, in the Koran and other Holy Scriptures.

In fact, many of the visions could refer to the spiritual essence of our time and the transition to the New Reality. They have to be addressed in a practical, constructive manner. Through the negative prophecies we have to undergo many challenges and difficulties. Through the positive prophecies we have to prepare ourselves to evolve for the coming New Reality. The transition to the New Reality is like the process of giving birth: it is painful, but when the child is born – the joy is great! So, now there is pain, but when we enter into the New Reality, our pain will turn into Divine joy and ecstasy!

           Envisaging the reality of the new Cosmic cycle of evolution

The past, present and future in the life of humankind are integrated in the New Genesis: "After the End of Days, at the Tiferet of Azilut, the CREATOR wills another general Shemittah (i.e. Cycle – L.M.) to unfold the new Universe. In this next sefirotic step are the seeds of everything great and small, high and low, that will happen in the following manifestation of Existence which thus proceeds, cosmic cycle by cosmic cycle, towards the Jubilee of Jubilees" (Halevi, A Kabbalistic Universe, p. 247).

The new cosmic cycle of evolution is connected with creating the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth where a New enlightened Humankind will live. This is the hope for the glorious future of humankind. For this purpose we have to establish Celestial State on Earth in order to prepare humankind for the quantum leap to the New Reality and to bring the reality of the Heavenly Jerusalem on Earth.

Therefore, through the New Pentecost the spiritual treasures from the First Coming of the Divine Masters are gathered and the Indo- European cycle in human evolution is concluded in its fullness and wholeness. On the other hand, through the meeting of the New Coming of the Divine Masters and participation in the Divine Wedding in Heaven we are entering into the new Cosmic cycle of existence which is a continuous creative spiritual process. In it the life of every human being, of all humankind and the life of the whole of Creation will "blossom as the Tree of Life". This is the realisation of the Testament of Truth which the CREATOR envisaged in the Messianic Plan!

The experience of the re-creation of the world is a New Enlightenment which comes on Earth now. It is not only restoring the broken Axis Mundi of the human consciousness after the Fall, but appreciating the new Axis Mundi of the New Creation. From this point of view the New Genesis is the greatest demiurgic act in the history of humankind!

It is hard to imagine a more inspiring and majestic spiritual work here on Earth than that connected with experiencing the New Genesis and entry into the New Reality. This is the ultimate purpose of the incarnation of human beings on Earth now. This is why the Creator sends the Light of the Messiah and blesses us with the spiritual journey towards the Seven Heavens and ultimate mergence with Him.

The shift from the old cycle to the new one is the most crucial time in human history. As I mentioned, the end of the old cycle requires a majestic new Integral Pentecost; the transition to the new Cosmic cycle is connected with the apocalyptic Day of Resurrection and Judgement; the entry into the new Cosmic cycle of evolution is a staggering new Enlightenment.

Naturally, the higher Celestial Worlds are preparing hundreds, thousands, even millions of people for the fulfilment of these apocalyptic tasks. Now the time has come to participate in this transition. The Journey to the Heavenly Jerusalem led by the Integral Light of the Messiah is a collective action of many awakened souls, who will trigger the quantum leap of humankind to the new Reality.

Leon Moscona    10.02.2020

Dear Friends

We are living in extraordinary times! The present Indo-European Cycle of evolution is coming to a close and humankind is on the threshold of a New Cycle of existence in a New Reality. A dramatic new spiritual story is emerging! This transition explains many of the turbulences in the modern world. They are so well known and depressing that I could identify them as an emerging negative, catastrophic, Apocalypse. For instance, some of the burning problems of contemporary humankind are: climate change, depletion of the earth's resources, religious fanaticism, terrorism, human rights abuses, unequal distribution of wealth and more.

At the same time humankind is engaged in extraordinary miraculous and enlightening expressions of goodness, preparing the way for a positive apocalypse, the Celestial Apocalypse – i.e. spiritual awakening and ascending to higher levels of cosmic consciousness.

In order to enter into the positive, celestial apocalypse, we have to prepare the ground for the world Leaders to sign an important binding Planetary Peace Agreement (similar to the Paris Agreement) for restriction of political confrontations and wars in order to preserve life on Earth and human civilisation.

Some of the guiding principles of this Planetary Peace Agreement are:

•    Shifting from the extremes of egocentrism to developing an ennobled personality and awakening of the human Soul and Spirit;
•    Providing holistic education for everyone on Earth, in order to achieve their positive purposes in life;  
•    Overcoming of struggle and rivalry between the followers of the various religions. They have not only to follow the ultimate goal of their own religion, by also to work for achieving the spiritual goals of the other religions.
•    Harmonious balance between the cosmic Masculine and Feminine Energies in the lives of the people;
•    Adopting the preservation of the Earth, Nature, the Environment and the future of humankind in the long term as a main strategic task;
•    Participation in changing the self-identity of the nations in a peaceful way by activating the essence of their National Souls and Spirit-Guides;
•    Reasonable distribution of the Earthly resources and material goods in order to avoid unacceptable discrepancies;
•    Making the celestial archetypes in the Book of Revelation, and other Holy Scriptures of the world religions, as inspiring plans for action.

The list could be continued and the guiding principles could be presented in much greater detail. In one or another way they are discussed and realised all over the world. Now however we need mutual understanding between the nations and signing of a binding Planetary Peace Agreement in order to preserve our beloved planet Earth, Nature with its great richness and diversity, and our priceless human civilisation.

May Peace prevail on Earth and may world Leaders sign the Planetary Peace Agreement for the good of all humankind!

Leon Moscona    19.02.2018

Leon Moscona    18.02.2018
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