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Russia and Ukraine: A Corridor of Opportunities

... of Yugoslavia and the series of ethnic conflicts it gave rise to in the Balkans. What we are witnessing is the combination of the largest confrontation between Russia and the West since the end of the Cold War, growing animosities between Russia and Ukraine over Crimea and south-eastern Ukraine, and the transformation of the Ukrainian government project into something closer to hard line national statehood. Ukraine is the nexus where the interests of such key players as Russia, the European Union and the United States have clashed, making this purely domestic crisis turn into a regional and even global issue. The crisis in Ukraine has not revealed anything fundamentally new in the strained relations between Russia on the one hand,...


Young Experts Meet in Sofia to Discuss Ukraine and Euro-Atlantic Security

On October 27-29, 2014 Bulgarian Sofia hosted a session of young experts’ group on Ukraine crisis and Euro-Atlantic security to discuss the Ukraine situation and ways to have it rectified. Organized by the European Leadership Network for Multilateral Disarmament and Non-Proliferation (ELN), Munich Security Conference, Nuclear Threat ...


Younger Generation Task Force on Ukraine and Euro-Atlantic Security To Meet in Sofia, Bulgaria in October

In recent years, historical animosities and uncertainties in the global security landscape have hindered efforts to develop a fresh approach to Euro-Atlantic security. The crisis in Ukraine has exacerbated the problem, further undermining cooperation, increasing tensions and widening differences on a host of security, political, economic and other issues. To address the crisis and engage a new generation of analysts and problem-solvers,...


PUSH and PULL, the double-faced strategy dividing the EU from Russia

... Russia," and "at the moment Russia is not a partner (of the EU), but a strategic country and a neighbor, above all of Ukraine."5 This is, however, only a small part of the story and there are other angles to explore. Let us turn our attention ... ... Partnership or TTIP is a trade agreement proposal currently under negotiation, which aims to create an area of free trade between the European Union and the United States. In June 2013, the EU gave directives to its delegations to handle the talks6, but the progress ...


The Ukrainian Transatlantic Solidarity Vaccine

... fundamental contradictions between the countries in the Euro-Atlantic space are still there. The aggravation of the situation in Ukraine has prompted an intensified transatlantic dialogue. Contact between Washington and the European capitals has increased ... ... Washington has tried to delegate the maintenance of order in Europe and further expansion of the Euro-Atlantic community to the European Union. Even the Orange Revolution in Ukraine and the 2008 Georgia-Russia Crisis only briefly brought the region back ...


Ukraine Needs an International Intervention

... and death. This image involuntarily comes to mind when I view the tragic events in Ukraine with feelings of pain and alarm. Sooner or later — but hopefully sooner... ... to shift the blame to their neighbor or political opponents. However, such mutual accusations and denunciations will not improve the situation for anybody. All of us —... ... population. Perhaps the association agreement that Ukraine recently signed with the European Union, and that was accompanied by so much fanfare, can rescue that country...


Oleg Grytsaienko: The Crisis in Ukraine: An Insider's View

By the end of 2013 the numerous miscalculations of the Yanukovych regime had deepened the systemic crisis in Ukraine, the crux of which was the tension between the people's hopes of independence and the inefficiency of the country's post-Soviet political and social system. The 2013-2014 revolution in Kiev paved the way for systemic reforms, but at the same time ...


The US and Ukraine: Deconstructing Political Rhetoric

... the consequences of their destructive policies for some time, but will not succeed in hiding evidence of what was done against Ukraine’s true interests. With regard to the United States, I can’t remember a single time when Washington displayed ... ... Divergent approaches This imitation, presumably unconscious, of the neocon rhetoric and acts that did a lot of damage to the USA’s international reputation, is only weakening the hand of the current US leaders. What is more, it makes even less likely ...


Where is Greater Europe?

... that the EEU will be primarily the Kremlin’s vehicle to secure its exclusive influence in its sphere of interest. The European Union’s Russia policy, which stems from its very nature, cooperative and non-geopolitical, has failed on Putin’s Russia. With the Ukraine crisis, it has become evident that Russia’s expansive, coercive power politics threaten the EU’s security ... ... hints at the perceived arbitrariness of Western sanctions, and proposes that Russia “work actively in order to prevent the USA from imposing unilateral extraterritorial sanctions against Russian citizens and legal entities”. Crisis in Ukraine: ...


How to Prevent Ukraine's Tinderbox From Exploding

What comes after Geneva? Less than a week after the signing of the Geneva agreement on Ukraine, all of the initial optimism has given way to doubt, skepticism and pessimism. More and more politicians and observers ... ... to carry it out. Britain has also effectively withdrawn from any real participation in settling the crisis, agreeing to send European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton to the Geneva meeting even though she is not authorized to make independent ...


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