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Russia and Turkey: Approaches to Regional Security in the Middle East

... Turkey to an understanding of the need to form new foreign policy approaches towards the Middle East. This article seeks to identify the impact of the approaches Russia and... ... propose focusing on the following four main issues: terrorism, nuclear weapons, the Syrian crisis and the security architecture in the Middle East. At the beginning of... ... Regional affairs in 2017 were affected by the decision of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) to isolate Qatar with a blockade. While Russia chose not to interfere in this...


Prospects for Russia–China Cooperation in the Middle East

... Syrian Conflict // Carnegie. URL: . 6 . China’s Position on Syria // Carnegie. 10.02.2012. URL: (In Arabic). 7 . The G.C.C. Countries and China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI): Curbing Their Enthusiasm? // Middle East Institute. 17.10.2017. URL: . 8 . Foreign Policy Concept of the Russian Federation // Official Website of ...


The Syrian Conflict: Russian and GCC Perspectives

... opposition represents, together with the actions of the “Islamic State” (IS), the main military-political crisis in the Middle East today. It has also become one of the most acute global conflicts, involving all major world powers. The leading countries of NATO and the European Union (EU), Russia, China and key regional states – Turkey, Iran, Israel, the GCC members and the Arabic countries neighboring Syria - have all focused their attention on the Syrian conflict. The crisis can be considered part of “the Arabic spring”,...


GCC’s Diplomatic Snub of Obama’s Camp David

The Camp David summit between Barack Obama and GCC states that took place on May 13-14 bears an enormous symbolic meaning for Washington as it echoes US Middle East peacemaking efforts under Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. This time, however, the summit’s goal was to reconcile ... ... during Obama’s presidency have suffered a major blow due to Washington’s reluctance to stand by the Gulf states in Syria and more recently due to America’s decision to engage with Iran. Gulf monarchies are disturbed by the possibility ...


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