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Is It Possible to Lift Sanctions Against Russia? — No

... long-term conflicts, similar to relations between India and Pakistan, or North and South Korea Every conflict sooner or later ends in peace. Such is the conventional wisdom that can often be heard from those who, amid the current situation of the sanctions tsunami and confrontation with the West, are trying to find hope for a return to "normality". The logic of such wisdom is simple. At some point, the parties will cease fire and sit down at the negotiating table. The end of hostilities ...


To Confiscate and Get Convicted? Seventh Package of Sanctions against Russia Presents Unaccounted-for Risks

It is necessary to be ready for a scenario where the property of individuals and structures in the EU is confiscated, as well as their criminal prosecution in certain EU countries for violating sanctions legislation The seventh package of the European Union sanctions against Russia in connection with the events in Ukraine will be remembered for its ban on the import of Russian gold, the expansion of export controls, as well as its list of ...


The Moscow–Tehran Axis: Alliance without Rigid Obligations

... relations with all the key forces in the Middle East. Against the backdrop of the events in Ukraine, the United States has set about trying to turn Russia into an international pariah. Moscow sees the Middle East as a possible route to circumventing the sanctions, even if partially, so it is only logical that Washington would seek to isolate Russia in the region. This is proving somewhat difficult, however, even with its impressive list of allied states and the lukewarm reaction of Middle Eastern countries ...


The Policy of Sanctions and the Golden Horde Legacy

In the context of the sanctions tsunami, Russia will have to face the good old practice of bans and “jarligs”, recalling the experience of the Horde The modern policy of sanctions resembles, to some extent, the management practices of the Mongol Golden Horde. One of ...


Russia’s Approach to Cross-Border Aid Delivery to Syria

... in control of Idlib. It has usurped authority, manipulating humanitarian aid that flows into the province. Russia blames the co-sponsors of res. 2585 for accepting the status quo in northwestern Syria. 4. The U.S. and the EU have imposed unilateral sanctions on Syria, which significantly hinders humanitarian aid deliveries, early recovery and post-conflict reconstruction. 5. The U.S. illegal military presence in northeastern Syria and the U.S. General License 22 (issued on May 12, 2022) exempting ...


China and Russia: Dialog in the Face of External Challenges

... the main obstacles to China–Russia relations appear in a wide range of areas. Politically, it is visible in the polarization of the international community, which is increasingly moving towards opposing camps; economically, by global fragmentation, sanctions, and regionalization of the global economy; security-wise, by the highly dangerous slide from a “cold” to a “hot” war; in international relations, by re-ideologization. As for global governance, matters have become even more complicated; ...


The EAEU Amid Global Uncertainty

... interstate ties and the interests of states often outweigh supranational ones. At the same time, integration cooperation made it possible for the member states to somewhat harmonize and coordinate their joint response to the pandemic. Sweeping anti-Russian sanctions have created new, unprecedented risks for integration cooperation, but at the same time have opened up certain opportunities to overcome their consequences. Integration Dialectic The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated dialectical contradictions ...


Transit Crisis: Formal Mistakes and Informal Consequences

... Russia-West relations amid hostilities in Ukraine was bound to come to the surface in the Baltic region sooner or later. One of the factors that made it inevitable was transport connectivity between the Kaliningrad Region and the rest of Russia. The EU sanctions imposed on Russia in the wake of the special military operation further aggravated the situation. The Russian authorities said Lithuania had banned transit of a wide range of Russian cargoes, which is a high-profile political development. Most ...


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