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The Coronavirus and Conflicts in the Middle East

... Organisation had no information about Huthi-controlled areas of Yemen, including the number of COVID-19 cases. Overcrowded city centres, prisons and camps for refugees and displaced persons are seen as the source of the infection. Ivan Timofeev: The Price of Sanctions is Human Lives Syria is a special case in the general picture of Middle Eastern conflicts amid the coronavirus pandemic. The outcome of the internal confrontation will have far-reaching consequences. If compromise solutions are found, a settled ...


Sanctions Against Russia: A Look Into 2020

Policy Brief #27 / 2020 Policy Brief #27 / 2020 Executive Summary — The report asesses the risks of sanctions against Russia over the year. — By 2020, the use of sanctions against Russia had gained much more stability compared to previous years. The damage caused by the new restrictive measures can be considered limited. The key issue is whether the ...


COVID-19: US Congress vs. China

... epidemic. The Trump administration has taken a tough stance against Beijing, blaming China for a significant share of the damage caused by the epidemic. However, so far it has not made any concrete moves. Such moves are most likely to include economic sanctions against individual citizens of the PRC who are associated with government entities or organisations the Americans deem responsible for the spread of COVID-19. Anti-Chinese sentiment is growing in Congress, which may push the administration to ...


Ambassador Anatoly Antonov's Open Letter

... Department of State The United States Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Prisons The U.S. authorities demand to release the American citizens jailed abroad (…/ ). They are promising to impose sanctions against “guilty governments”, should their compatriots die due to the coronavirus. Meanwhile, the situation with COVID-19 in the American correctional facilities keeps deteriorating rapidly ( ). Many inmates ...


Missouri vs. China: Toward a New Crusade?

... confrontation is the election campaign in the United States. The question of punishing China for COVID-19 will be one of its key factors. Republicans have already tried to seize the initiative. Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz introduced the first related sanctions bill against China (“Ending Medical Censorship and Cover Ups in China Act of 2020.”). Ratifying a bill into law is a complex and often lengthy process. If it becomes law, the document will oblige the US president to identify a circle of ...


Russia Doubles Down on Iraq Despite COVID-19

... systems. Yet it is premature to get to specifics. So as I said before, if we receive the request from Iraq, we will work on it.” It also remains to be seen whether the two sides will cut a deal that entails different regional risks and could invite US sanctions. Besides, implementation would require a stable government in Baghdad. As snap parliamentary elections are possible in Iraq, serious discussions about military and technical cooperation may be postponed until a new government has been formed....


The Price of Sanctions is Human Lives

Individual exemptions will have no effect without significant systemic changes introduced at least for the period of the pandemic The COVID-19 epidemic has sparked a discussion about the possible suspension of economic sanctions. UN Secretary-General António Guterres is among those calling for such a step to be taken. Indeed, the virus is now spreading globally, and developed countries are suffering tremendous losses. States placed under sanctions face even greater ...


Sanctions and Financial Crime: Together or Apart?

In a worst-case scenario, the Americans’ excessive use of sanctions and other measures for political purposes will make anarchy an attractive means to preserve sovereignty The American federal law PL 115-44 (CAATSA) is well-known in Russia. It is associated with the codification of a large array of sanctions ...


Addressing Unresolved Challenges in U.S.-Russia Relations

... or otherwise accelerate the drift toward confrontation have received less attention in the bilateral U.S.-Russia context. The group identified the strategic competition in the Western Balkans, the future of the nuclear non- proliferation regime, and sanctions as areas that could significantly impact U.S.-Russia relations in the future, but where Washington and Moscow lack clarity about one another’s intentions and about the potential unanticipated consequences of their current approaches. Over ...


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