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Sherman Amendment: Tilting at Windmills?

The next round of sanctions may disrupt the dialogue on arms control, which is of interest to the United States The adoption of an amendment to the defense budget for 2020 by the US House of Representatives provoked a public outcry in Russia. The amendment, introduced ...


The Strait of Hormuz and the Gulf of Aden

... 13, this time near the Iranian coast, two more tankers flying the flags of the Marshall Islands and Panama were attacked. The incidents occurred against the backdrop of another exacerbation in U.S.–Iran relations and the United States imposing more sanctions on Tehran. Nobody has claimed responsibility for either of the incidents. As is often the case today, it has not been possible to identify the perpetrators, and military experts are still debating the weapons used in each attack. Without any ...


China’s Energy Policy: Flexible, but Unshakeable

China’s flexible energy policy and the US sanctions against Iran and Venezuela In the last few years, China’s energy policy has changed radically owing to both the changed priorities in domestic policy and sharp bifurcations in the international situation. As the growth pace of the national ...


The Tanker Incident in Gibraltar: Non-Obvious Legitimacy

... Gibraltar have extended the detention of the tanker for two weeks, increasing the chances that the crisis will develop further. Ivan Timofeev: Tanker Incidents: Who Blinks First? The reason for the detention of the tanker was its alleged violation of EU sanctions against Syria. In numerous media publications, this allegation is presented as self-evident. Meanwhile, the reference to EU sanctions raises serious questions. Indeed, Brussels has imposed broad-based economic restrictions on Bashar Assad’s ...


Iran’s Oil Sector under Renewed Sanctions: Adopting to the New Reality

After US decision to withdraw from JCPOA and to reintroduce sanctions, Iran’s oil sector feels more pressure and uncertainty Almost four years ago, after years of difficult negotiations, the Iran nuclear deal, also known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), was signed. Many viewed it as a diplomatic ...


Ivan Timofeev at Financial Services Volunteer Corps Symposium

On June 30 – July 2, 2019, St. Petersburg hosted a regular annual symposium of the Financial Services Volunteer Corps. On June 30 – July 2, 2019, St. Petersburg hosted a regular annual symposium of the Financial Services Volunteer Corps. Ivan Timofeev, RIAC Program Director, attended the symposium. The discussion focused on the issues of global economy, political relations between the great powers, and global socio-economic trends.


Russia and Belarus: The “Post-Soviet” Interaction Model Is Exhausting Itself

... production. This means that there will be an automatic hike in costs for Minsk, which has included export duties from the resale of Russian oil in its budget revenues in recent years. The parties thus far have failed to settle the issue. The international sanctions against Russia, which are designed in such a way that they hot the country’s trade and economic relations with its allies, are a significant factor in bilateral relations. The counter-sanctions imposed by Russia against the European Union ...


Delegation of Japan Bank for International Cooperation Visits RIAC

On June 24, 2019, delegation of Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) visited Russian International Affairs Council. On June 24, 2019, delegation of Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) visited Russian International Affairs Council. Japanese financiers discussed a wide range of issues related to the dynamics of global and regional stability, as well as political risks associated with a possible exacerbation of the situation in most dangerous regions of the world. Special attention...


Nordstream and Turkstream can help improve relations between Russia and its neighbors

... of natural gas to Hungary by 57.5% from the previous year. Therefore, to meet a growing demand for natural gas in countries like Hungary the continued construction and expansion of the Turk Stream pipeline remains critically important. Effects of U.S. Sanctions against Nord Stream for European customers: Threats of sanctions by the U.S. have threatened to derail Russia’s pipeline projects. If sanctions are carried out, then projects like Nord Stream II will come to an end. It must be determined ...


Can Russia Plug Through US Sanctions to Reconstruct Syria?

Russia should not necessarily wait for the Europeans to join its rebuilding efforts As the United States eyes new sanctions on Syria, Russia increasingly finds it needs to work out solutions that would nonetheless push forward the post-conflict reconstruction in the country the way Moscow envisions them. Syria has been subject to legislatively mandated US penalties ...


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