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The OSCE, Ukraine, and peace process

... Special Monitoring Mission raised the threshold for resuming violence. The Normandy group (France, Germany, Russia, and Ukraine) became the main platform for generating political solutions. The Trilateral Contact Group (the special representative of the OSCE Chairperson, Russia, and Ukraine) proved instrumental for translating these solutions into practical measures. These activities fueled expectations of consolidation of the peace process in spite of the obstacles faced by the OSCE operations, such as their limited mandate, restrictions ...


When writings on the wall are ignored

... example in the Persian Gulf or in the Taiwan strait not to mention its numerous military adventures in 20-21 centuries. The Russian forces initially were not meant to enter Ukraine from north, or north-east or south. The only viable military option was to assist Donbas in case if there was a considerable ... ... intensified the shelling of the separatists’ positions, which returned fire. Who has been doing what is clearly obvious from the OSCE Monitoring Mission maps (for example, for 17-19 February). What was also very strange that the US and UK called off their ...


India — Pakistan and RussiaUkraine: What if We Compare the Two?

... administration, has already existed longer than the Soviet Union. Although it did lose its eastern provinces back in 1971, which would later become the independent state of Bangladesh. Andrey Kortunov: To Stay or Not to Stay? Seven Concerns Russia Has about the OSCE Besides, potentials of the legs in both pairs are obviously asymmetric. India is far larger, richer and stronger than Pakistan, while the same is true for Russia vis-a-vis Ukraine. That said, neither Pakistan nor Ukraine is so weak that India or Russia could ignore or manipulate their neighbour with impunity. For India, Pakistan is much more important than, say, the neighboring Sri Lanka, where New Delhi also faces numerous ...


Ukraine: Geopolitical View of the Interested International Actors

... regular gas crisis's between Russia and Ukraine. At the same time, common values present an opportunity to rebuild trust. How can Russia, Ukraine and western partners understand that they have shared values? — the negotiation platforms, on the base of international institutions, such as Organization of Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), etc. In this article, I aim to look at the global structure and the roots of the Ukrainian conflict, in the context of ...


OSCE SG Thomas Greminger: We Need to Invest in Cooperative Approaches to Solve Security Problems

An exclusive interview with OSCE Secretary General Thomas Greminger for the Russian International Affairs Council on the sidelines of the 2019 Paris Peace Forum. An exclusive interview with OSCE Secretary ... ... architecture that we have built during the past 2-3 decades. There is, again, an armed conflict in Europe — the crisis in and around Ukraine. Thus, I believe, as long as the Astana Declaration and its vision remain valid, we couldn't be farther away from its ...


State of Play: Russia and the Fraying West

... withering away. It would behoove Moscow to avoid escalations. Looking at the West today, a Russian who witnessed the fall of the Berlin Wall 30 years ago sees a striking picture... ... incidents from spinning out of control; to avoid escalation of running conflicts such as Ukraine; and to minimize mutual misperceptions. Crucial here is a 24/7 US-Russian military-to-military... ... Europeans cannot decide alone on the issues that fall within NATO’s competence. The OSCE is essentially irrelevant, and the Russia-NATO communications line is but an add-on...


Crimea and Punishment

... not part of the Minsk agreements. The Ukraine issue is primarily European, which means that Europe can and should be involved in its resolution. This might require a more active engagement from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), a consultation with UN peacekeepers, and a post-conflict development plan for Donbass, clearly allowing Ukraine to remain a critical bloc standing between Russia and Europe. the Ukraine issue is playing out in the pursuit of its goal to build a genuine European security architecture. Michel Duclos There is still a long way to go before Russia considers Europe, or failing that, the major European states,...


Riga Dialogue Recommendations

Russia and the West must both be ready for compromise solutions based on reciprocity ... ... including between Russia and the Baltic states and between Russia and NATO. — Dialogue on Ukraine would be facilitated by engaging new actors skilled in conflict resolution.... ... between the West and Russia is critical to reduce potential miscalculations. — The OSCE Vienna Document could play an important role in ensuring transparency and military-to-military...


Breaking the U.S.-Russia Impasse: Keeping the Door Open to Dialogue

... "decentralized" Ukraine? How much autonomy should eastern Ukraine possess? Or will the Donbas region separate from the rest of Ukraine? Is a new format for the Minsk talks needed? Should the U.S., and possibly Turkey, join the Minsk talks along with Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany? Would a peacekeeping mission under OSCE auspices prove acceptable if Kiev, Moscow and the eastern Ukrainian autonomists could agree? What would be the conditions needed for both sides to accept peacekeepers, if a settlement can be reached? Southern Caucasus A Roadmap for U.S.-Russia Relations....


Transnistria: Dilemmas of Peaceful Settlement

... Herzegovina) on April 11, 2011. URL: (in Russian). 5 . Transnistria: Who is the Boss Now? URL: (in Russian). 6 . In this format, Moldova and Transnistria were the parties to the conflict, Russia and Ukraine were guarantor countries, the OSCE was the mediator and the European Union and the United States were observers. 7 . Nina Shtanski: Interaction between Russia and the EU in Transnistria Settlement: From Consultations to Coordination. URL: (in Russian)....


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