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Germany and Russia Intensify Gas Cooperation Despite Political Tension

... the commercial cooperation between Russian and Western European companies ... ... has remained significant, despite the sanctions regime. Strong economic rationale ... ... long-existed under the mutual awareness of interdependence. This perceived paradigm ... ... encompass the entire value-chain of the natural gas sector. The pinnacle of ... ... transit routes. On top of that, in 2015 Gazprom has delivered to Germany a record ... ... more intriguing is the 19% increase in gas deliveries to Germany for the first ... ... Europe’s energy security. Reinforcing the energy relations between the two countries ...


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  1. In your opinion, what are the US long-term goals for Russia?
    U.S. wants to establish partnership relations with Russia on condition that it meets the U.S. requirements  
     33 (31%)
    U.S. wants to deter Russia’s military and political activity  
     30 (28%)
    U.S. wants to dissolve Russia  
     24 (22%)
    U.S. wants to establish alliance relations with Russia under the US conditions to rival China  
     21 (19%)
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