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Battle for the Andes

Russia and China on the Latin American Arms Market Argentina: Fighting on the Outskirts The fledgling military-technical cooperation between Russia and Argentina was the subject of a recent article . The only recent contracts between the two parties are the delivery of two ...


Brazilian League for a Bear and a Panda

... bulging scientific and technical potential, political clout and military power, which is eagerly seeking new outlets to sell its own military hardware. As a result, both Russia and China have basically targeted the developing countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America. Both Russia and China have basically targeted the developing countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America. SIPRI expert Simon Wezeman believes that Russia should rush into Latin America due to the recent loss of several markets and problems with its key military-technical ...


A Panda and a Bear in the Caribbean

Russia and China in the Latin American Arms Market. Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua At Commission on Military-Technical Cooperation (MTC) session with Foreign States on January 27, 2014 Russian President Vladimir Putin encouraged those present to seek out new markets, in particular ...


Russia and Latin America in the Context of Sanctions: From Ideology to Pragmatism

... Moreover, the positive experience of cooperation between Latin America and the Soviet Union, the recollection of which has not disappeared, could give Russia a competitive edge. Meanwhile, numerous studies and the experiences of other countries, namely China [6] , Japan [7] and South Korea [8] , as well as the European Union [9] , testify to the great opportunities offered by cooperation with Latin America. A number of Russian companies are successfully operating in the region, primarily in the sphere of military-technical cooperation and in the energy sector, namely in Brazil , Argentina , and Venezuela . However, their presence in a number of cases is largely ...


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