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Kashmir Tests Russia–India Friendship

... for the forces fighting against the Soviet military in Afghanistan. Secondly, the uproar surrounding the news was whipped up by the information that the exercise may be held in the Pakistan-controlled part of Kashmir, where the interests of India, Pakistan and China collide. It is hardly surprising that political analysts attempt to see this news proof of an emerging thaw in Russia–Pakistan relations, while at the same time searching for signs of growing problems in the Russia–India strategic partnership,...


Disappointment in Tashkent: Iran and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization

... Russia blocking further development of the economic aspects of the SCO. There is also concerns that disputes between Pakistan and India will bring the organization’s work to a standstill. The most likely flashpoints are Kashmir, where part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is being constructed, or conflict over the disputed parts of the Sino-Indian border. Even with the SCO’s record of security cooperation, nobody imagines that these long-standing differences will simply be put aside. ...


Rashid Alimov: Kill both Symptoms and the Root of the Evil

... every legal ground for processing Iran's application in compliance with the SCO norms. Besides, after the Ufa summit, India and Pakistan have prepared their memorandums of obligations for acquiring membership in close contact with representatives of the ... ... create conditions for expanded cooperation in fighting terrorism in the new reality. International conference " Russia-China: toward a New Quality of Bilateral Relations ": video, materials The SCO states believe that the evil can be eradicated ...


Narendra Modi’s Nuclear Triumph and the “Semi-Decay” of the Nonproliferation Regime

..., so the project is based on Chinese technologies. Critics of the Sino-Pakistani cooperation in the nuclear field voice concern that Beijing is contravening the guidelines of the NSG, which it joined in 2004. Given the long-standing rivalry between Pakistan and India and the complicated relationship of the latter with China, it is not surprising that after the diplomatic success of Narendra Modi China, which had carefully concealed the scope of its nuclear cooperation with Pakistan, officially announced its participation in building six nuclear projects in South Asian ...


Beijing-Islamabad: Continued “All-Weather” Dialogue

... consideration too. It is not accidental that Beijing is engaged in a dialogue with Islamabad on these issues not only in a bilateral format but also in multilateral fora, including the platforms of “China-Russia-Pakistan” and the “China-Pakistan-Afghanistan Dialogue,” which held its meeting in Islamabad on February 9, 2015. During his current visit, the Foreign Minister of China paid primary attention to the situation in Afghanistan, requiring a “compromise with all factions,...


NATO’s withdrawal from Afghanistan: problems and risks

... its turn will seek influence over, at least, the Pashtun areas and will use Afghanistan to provide strategic depth against India. Another factor that has an impact on the process of NATO withdrawal is the position of neighboring countries – Iran, Pakistan, China, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and regional powers – Russia, Turkey, India and Saudi Arabia. In the context of the situation in Afghanistan, they have many common goals – they seek to stop hostilities and military presence of foreign ...


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