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Russia and Turkey: Approaches to Regional Security in the Middle East

... November 2015. This incident again called into question the level of relations between Russia and NATO member states. Together with a military coup attempt in Turkey in 2016, the so-called “jet crisis” had a special importance for the role of Turkey in NATO. The crisis in Russia-Turkey bilateral relations has been resolved and relations are now restored. The normalization of relations required revised approaches to regional policies and a frank dialogue between the parties. Both Moscow and Ankara now coordinate their regional ...


RussiaTurkey Relations Need a Stronger Foundation

... alienation of the Crimean Tatar population in the peninsula. Kerim Has: Russian-Turkish Dialog: Foreign Policy on a Domestic Passport Sometimes, what we routinely perceive as a part of the problem might become a part of the solution. For example, the Turkey’s membership in NATO is commonly regarded in Russia as an obstacle on the way to more productive security cooperation with Ankara. Counterintuitively, it is exactly the Turkish membership, which can help to reduce risks of dangerous incidents in the Black Sea. These risks started growing in 2014,...


Highly Unlikely: Why Erdogan’s Idea to Jointly Produce Missile Systems with Russia is Stillborn

... the Turks cancelled the tender’s results. There is an issue with the S-400 now. Despite some of Erdogan’s peculiarities, Turkey is a NATO member state, and the country is not going to quit the alliance. We have to wait and see, but I cannot rule it out that the ... ... circumstances, he is very skeptical about the joint production of the S-500: “It is too early now to talk about the S-500 – Russia has not obtained them yet and is not going to sell them in the near future. I have doubts about any joint production, since ...


Prospects for Russia-NATO Relations Discussed at the Greater Europe Working Group Meeting

On June 18–19, 2018, London hosted a Greater Europe project working group meeting on the current state and prospects of relations between Russia and NATO ahead of the forthcoming summit of the North Atlantic Alliance in Brussels on July 11–12. On June 18–19, 2018, London hosted a Greater Europe project working group meeting on the current state and prospects of relations between Russia and NATO ...


Turkey and Germany: Souring Relations between Strategic Allies

... parliamentary election in Germany. What is important is that these tensions negatively affect Turkey's relations with the EU and NATO. On the other hand, Berlin, as the de-facto capital of the EU, may yet change the situation for its own good, provided that it sees political and economic benefits in doing so. The worsening of Turkey's relations with the EU could bring Russia to the fore; such a development would hardly suit Berlin. For example, the recent reports about an agreement reached on ...


Breaking the U.S.-Russia Impasse: Keeping the Door Open to Dialogue

... Ukraine. In the struggle against violent extremism, the U.S., Europeans and Russia generally agree on the need to control the Islamic State. However, there has been a significant lack of coordination that has been further antagonizing relations. First, NATO-member Turkey shot down a Russian aircraft in November 2015 — an action that tested the NATO-Russia relationship, even if Turkey and Russia eventually came to terms in the aftermath. Then, in early April 2017, the U.S. fired 59 cruise missiles at Syrian airbase on grounds that ...


The (First) Russo-American Cyberwar: How Obama Lost & Putin Won, Ensuring a Trump Victory

... spectacular success, with Russia’s desired outcomes being achieved in the US, the UK, Italy, Bulgaria, and Moldova, while seeing trends favorable to its interests significantly increased in places like Germany and Austria. Furthermore, U.S. and NATO “ally” Turkey has taken a decidedly sharp anti-democratic and anti-Western plunge and is clearly cozying up to Russia. 2017 may be even better for the Kremlin, and even worse for what is still referred to as the West. This is the new face of warfare, one in which the lines between politics and war are erased and in which Russia is dominant and ahead of everyone,...


Recent International Processes’ effects on the Socio-Political Situation in Ukraine

... significant problems should NATO succeed in implementing its plans. In addition to strengthening its positions in Central Europe, NATO could redouble its efforts to limit communication with the Kaliningrad Region and create a military and political axis on the basis of the so-called Baltic–Black Sea region, thus further isolating Russia. Political Events in Turkey: Significance for Ukraine and the Peace Proces Turkey has become a key international “newsmaker” in recent ...


Russia and Turkey: More Than a Rapprochement?

... for decades, are about to be upgraded to politically strategic level for the first time. This new era of ‘more than a rapprochement’ seems to work in the short term. Nevertheless, taking in consideration different interests of Turkey and Russia in some international issues and Turkey’s current membership in NATO, it is too early to talk about a full-scale strategic partnership between the two. Time will show whether Ankara and Moscow are really interested in and more importantly capable of forming such a political partnership that could become a real game ...


No surprise in Russia-Turkey Reconciliation. Reasons Why

... force cooperation to avoid incidents like the one with Russia’s Su-24 in November of 2015 are relatively easy to agree on. Russia's Defense Ministry prepared a package of such documents for Turkey prior to Erdogan’s visit. Moscow and Ankara will both benefit from restoring bilateral relations. The signals to the west are clear: Moscow demonstrates its successful approach in dealing with a NATO ally while Ankara shows that it can quite easily change its policies and keeps all doors opened. Besides, Moscow is likely ...


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