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2020 Forecast: Revealing the Future of the Middle East

... the future of conflicts in many countries starting from Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya and the future government in Lebanon, Iraq ... ... security challenges. The establishment of collective security in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and the reformation of collective ... ... a high risk of conflict in spheres of influence between Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkey and other rising regional powers which ... ... into one another. However, evidence of increased contact with Russia by countries like Egypt and Jordan should be taken in the ...


Saudi Arabia and Yemen Specialists Visit RIAC. TASS Press-Conference

On October 5, 2017, along with the historical visit of the King of Saudi Arabia to Moscow, several events were held to focus on the current state of relations and prospects for development of relations ... ... development of relations between Moscow and Riyadh. The first half of the day was marked by the closed seminar organized by Russian International Affairs Council and King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies (Saudi Arabia). The event focused ...


Donald Trump Will Follow Barack Obama’s Footsteps

... judging by his campaign speeches, he clearly sees the threats coming to America from the Middle East, yet he is far from having expensive ambitions. A pragmatic billionaire... ... “America first” slogan, is less tied to the US’ traditional allies, Israel and Saudi Arabia, protecting and supporting whom has become a burden for the US tax payers... ... Ivanov: U.S. Diplomacy in the Shackles of Election Politics Trump is not concerned about Russia’s military presence in Syria as he thinks that the Russian air force does some of the work Americans would...


Algeria: Russia’s Crisis-Proof Partner in the Arab World

... internationally as far as the acute crisis in the Arab world is concerned, primarily in view of the disasters in Yemen, Libya and Syria. Generally speaking, Algiers is striving to preserve the so far surviving states of the Greater Middle East in the existing borders and to stabilize the environment, since its deterioration will threaten Algeria, which is something Russia is also trying to achieve. Yemen In actuality, Algeria’s stance runs counter to the plans of Qatar, Saudi Arabia and certain Western states. For instance, in 2015 the Algerian government effectively disrupted Riyadh’s schemes ...


The Middle East between the U.S. and Russia: Potential Traps for Moscow

... Kremlin Strategizing Many in Washington believe that the current Middle Eastern security system is far from adequate to prevent ... ... course of action is hardly the primary factor that has pushed Saudi Arabia into confronting Iran. Nevertheless, against the backdrop ... ... of other monarchies. REUTERS/Jacquelyn Martin Nikolay Surkov: Syria – Uniting the Divided Quite indicative of the prevailing ... ... regional matters, as they had not been consulted either on the Russian operation in Syria or on the U.S. talks with Iran. Since ...


The U.S. and Saudi Arabia in the Middle East: An Alliance of Competing Powers, Too Risky to Break?

... Russia is in no position to replace the U.S. as the key extra-regional partner for Saudi Arabia, or anything close. Occasional suggestions on the subject in the Russian media do not mean that the Kremlin is entertaining any such illusions, despite... ... reality. Despite its numerous problems, Riyadh will have a significant impact on the Syria settlement. One should not expect full-fledged Saudi support in the struggle against... ... a matter of setting out pragmatic requirements for longer-term arrangements in the Middle East.


The Syrian Conflict: Russian and GCC Perspectives

The Syrian conflict continues to deteriorate, with estimates suggesting a death toll in ... ... This comes at a time when the long-term regional role of key players such as the US, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Iran, remains up in the air. This report aims to remedy this communication... ... of the “Islamic State” (IS), the main military-political crisis in the Middle East today. It has also become one of the most acute global conflicts, involving...


Time for a Reset in Russian-Saudi Relations

... Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud to Russia and his talks with President Putin made front-page news ... ... the role of the leader of the Persian Gulf and the Arab World, Saudi Arabia is in the midst of a very significant political transition ... ... dialogue between Russia and the Gulf states has been focused on Syria with Moscow's stance coming across as the most principled,... ... seems temporary bearing in mind the extreme volatility of the Middle Eastern processes and their penchant for fast political ...


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