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2020 Forecast: Revealing the Future of the Middle East

... and prosperity (at a time when populism is rocketing in the West), thus threatening the whole world order. The tension between the ruling elites and citizens will reshape regional political geography. With conflicting principles of superpowers, the Middle East will undergo a high risk of conflict in spheres of influence between Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkey and other rising regional powers which seek to play a pivotal role in local and global affairs, attempting to shape the multipolar world. The persistence of conflicts and the absence of real effective political and economic reforms will not reduce ...


The American Withdrawal: Winners & Losers

... moments in the past, Russia maintains relatively friendly ties with Iran, Israel, and Turkey. This relationship is delicate however, as all sides have differing strategic... ... upsetting one or more parties, particularly the adversarial and seemingly irreconcilable Israel and Iran. Without any American involvement, Russia would enjoy a great deal... ... flawed strategies. Both men had significant diplomatic and military experience in the Middle East. Their departure will certainly hinder American foreign policy interests...


Russia and Israel: The Middle Eastern Vector of Relations

Working paper 42/2018 The Working paper was prepared by the Russian International Affairs Council as part of the project "Security System in the Middle East". This paper covers the issue of complex relations between Russia and Israel in the Middle East. The author analyzes in detail Russia’s role in the Israel-Syria-Iran triangle. The degree of Iranian presence in Syria, the impact of the nuclear deal in the context of Israeli-Iranian regional confrontation, the role of the ...


Russia and Turkey: Approaches to Regional Security in the Middle East

....S. dominance in the Middle East and Washington’s invasion of Iraq, as well as to Israel’s refusal to as much as discuss its nuclear capability, that Iran launched... ... efforts were a threat to the state. Given the deteriorating security situation in the Middle East and the ambiguity over the U.S. security guarantees for Saudi Arabia, the... ... ]. Despite this, on the record, Saudi Arabia supports the non-proliferation regime. Turkey had two options in the post bipolar world. In a 2008 article, Turkish scholar...


India-Iran ties: The key challenges

... countries and Israel. While Saudi Arabia has remained at loggerheads with Israel, recently both are part of the Anti-Iran alliance. Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia along with its GCC partners countries demanded at the Munich Security Conference, that Tehran is punished ... ... Adel al-Jubeir further accused Iran in front of delegates at the conference. "It's determined to upend the order in the Middle East ... (and) until and unless Iran changes its behaviour it would be very difficult to deal with a country like this....


The Oxymoronic Déjà Vu of Humanitarian Bombing in Syria

In light of the recent developments in Syria and the apparently imminent US military intervention, the blog will take a short break from its relatively academic style and its thematic focus in order to brainstorm and share some thoughts on the broader picture of what is happening in the geopolitical arena of the region. Dangerous Double Standards Bashar al-Assad has reportedly used chemical weapons to attack, essentially, his own people. The first, logically obvious question is why would Assad essentially...


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