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Standing for Everything Evil against Everything Good: Russia’s Hostile Measures in Europe

Analysing the RAND Corporation’s Report “Russia’s Hostile Measures in Europe” In late January, researchers from the renowned U.S. research centre RAND Corporation made their contribution to maintaining ... ... within the near abroad in order to pull these countries into its sphere of influence; increasing cooperation and trade with Western Europe; undermining enlargement of the European Union and NATO into the post-Soviet space. It is assumed that Moscow ...


Unbalanced Europe and the New Order in the OSCE Space

It is impossible to return to the glorious past. The illusion that it is possible is depriving us of our future Introduction The collapse of relations between Russia and the West after 2014 put an end to the idea of Greater Europe. The area of common security and cooperation from Lisbon to Vladivostok, or even wider – from Vancouver to Vladivostok – remains on paper in numerous documents that are gradually being buried in archives. The almost 40-year ‘post-Helsinki’ ...


Managing the Cold Peace between Russia and the West

... Force Position Paper Released Fifth Task Force Position Paper Released A group of prominent Members and Supporters of the Pan-European Task Force on Cooperation in Greater Europe , including former foreign and defence ministers and senior officials from ... ... Finland has joined forces to appeal to the leadership of the countries in the Euro-Atlantic area to halt the downward spiral in West-Russia relations and manage its risks better through developing a more stable and sustainable security relationship . Noting ...


Seminar “European Security: Challenges at the Societal Level”

... Network of Think Tanks and Academic Institutions ( OSCE Network ), the Primakov National Research Institute of World Economy and International Relations ( RAS IMEMO ) and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation ( Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung ) held a seminar “European Security: Challenges at the Societal Level.” The participants of the seminar discussed the draft report prepared by the OSCE Network and addressed the following issues: the future of the European order; Russian and Western interests in the military-political and economic spheres; challenges and threats to security, as well as tools to ensure the latter; compliance with the principles and norms of international law. The seminar was attended by the authors of the ...


Why the West, especially Europe, needs Russia

... may be controversial, particularly in light of Russian behaviour in Ukraine. But the seriousness of the challenges facing the West, not least of which is Syria, demonstrates that a way forward must be found. What officials across Europe, particularly those in Brussels, must ask themselves now is not should we try to cooperate with Russia but how far and ... ... Russia outright ought to consider the case of Iran. The Iranian nuclear deal is a significant achievement towards regional and international security, and it would not have been possible without support from the Russians. Ignoring the potential of cooperation ...


Speech at the Greater Europe Task Force Meeting, London

Meeting of the Task Force on Cooperation in Greater Europe, London, December 11, 2015. First of all, I’d like to express my gratitude to the ELN for organizing this meeting,... ... possible areas for joint work. The crisis in relations between Europe and Russia, or, more precisely, between Russia and the West, is unprecedented since the Cold War. The way I see it, trading sanctions is equivalent to putting up a new iron curtain ...


European Security: Engagement or Mistrust?

On September 4, 2015, Latvian Institute of International Affair s held a roundtable " European Security: Engagement or Mistrust? " moderated by Director of the Latvian Institute of International Affairs Andris ... ... discussants came to a conclusion that the Ukraine situation has generated a massive crisis of confidence between Russia and the West, unseen in scale since the Cold War. As a result, Europe is divided into two camps eager to erect varied barriers to fence ...


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