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Briefing for Indian experts on the Russia — West relations and the situation in Ukraine

On February 4, 2022 the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) briefed the experts from the Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF, India) on the recent developments in the Russia — West relations and the escalation of the situation in and around Ukraine. On February 4, 2022 the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) briefed the experts from the Vivekananda International ...


Major RIAC — ICWA Conference on Russia — India Relations

On January 28, 2022 the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) and the Indian Council on World Affairs (ICWA) held a major annual conference “Strategic Visions of Russia–India Relations and Changes in the World Order”, aimed at comprehensive assessment of Moscow – New Delhi cooperation in the global, regional and ...


Analysing the Czech Nuclear Strategy in a Changing (Nuclear) Energy World: Geopolitical Implications and Opportunities

... high on the dispute probability matrix, both in terms of geopolitics, but also on the discussion over nuclear energy. In such a case, there is a probability that even the pro-nuclear states, such as Hungary or Poland would not back such a decision. India and China and the nuclear energy revolution Ivan Timofeev, Sabine Fischer: EU-Russia in 2030: Alternatives Scenarios India has been promoting its advanced heavy water reactors (AHWR) through cooperation with nations such as Australia and Argentina ...


The Neo-NAM: From Vision to Reality

Russia and India are late to the infrastructure game and will have to do a lot to catch up with their great power peers, but it is never too late to start The latest Putin-Modi Summit was a global geostrategic game-changer unlocking the potential for the two great ...


Russia-India: From Rethink to Adjust to Upgrade

To make the good relationship truly great, Moscow must rethink, adjust, and upgrade its approach to India Russian-Indian relations are traditionally good. The chemistry between the leaders is excellent, and members of the public are well disposed toward each other. Economic ties have long been stalling, however, and mutual suspicions have recently ...


Modernising India-Russia Ties

At the Summit, differences were set aside to make transformative progress in defence, fintech and connectivity, commencing a new era of India-Russia relations fit for the 21st century The India–Russia leaders’ summit and ministerial meetings in New Delhi on Dec. 6, scored big. Differences were set aside to make transformative progress in defence, fintech and connectivity among other ...


Russia-India Summit: Is the Strategic Partnership Still Afloat?

... their decision-making and personal diplomacy. Hence, the summit should be examined not only as another annual event, but rather from the strategic perspective. Realignment of regional interests Andrey Kortunov: On the Eve of the Summit: A Letter to Our Indian Friends This year’s meeting was unusual as it was complemented by a new mechanism—the 2+2 dialogue of foreign and defence ministers. The new track of interaction at the ministerial level has paid off. Setting up the 2+2 dialogue allowed for ...


On the Eve of the Summit: A Letter to Our Indian Friends

The President of Russia has made an exception for India. And this conveys the importance that Moscow attaches to bilateral cooperation with the leading power of the South Asian subcontinent As President Vladimir Putin is set to visit India for a bilateral summit with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, it ...


Pakistan’s Opportunities

... This developed into a genocide where at least 200,000 Bengalis were murdered and probably 2-3 million Bengalis displaced in Pakistan’s Operation Searchlight. Many of the 1971 refugees from Bangladesh with their descendants still live as unrecognized Indian citizens in Assam, eastern India. Back then, India seized the moment, both to stop the war, stop the flood of refugees, and to severely diminish Pakistan by splitting East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) from the rest of Pakistan in the West. For India,...


Why India Will Never Be Part of U.S. Alliances

The changing rules of the global geopolitical game and the current diversification of New Delhi’s foreign policy priorities make it all the more urgent to explore new avenues in Russia–India partnership Over recent years, there have been growing concerns in Russia over India’s foreign policy being increasingly tilted towards the United States. The pivot is evidenced in a number of developments, ranging from the build-up of the once-stagnant ...


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