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What the SCO Summit in Bishkek Confirmed

... role in regional and global affairs, which is the object of the country’s progressively growing desire. These developments also open new opportunities for broad cooperation within BRICS and the consultative mechanism of three SCO members — Russia, India, and China (known as RIC). The next RIC meeting is scheduled to take place alongside the upcoming BRICS summit in Osaka in late June 2019, which will be held concurrently with the next G20 summit. Another important positive factor in the further improvement ...


Is “Democracy” Only Way India Should Look For?

... structure, religion, geography, demography, and historical experience. As these change and evolve so too will a country's polity. The Big question is if Democracy will remain the only successful form of Governance then we might need to look at Middle East,China and Russia where other forms of governance are more adequately fitted. If we delete a period between first Arabian Attack on Indian Soil till 1947,India was grooming in all areas multifold and that was major reason for foreign invasion. Successive governments in India forgot completely to preserve and educate our children about rich and strong political system of our past.Some ...


Indian Elections 2019: Towards New Economic and Political Goals

... missile defense system, weathering repeated US prodding, nudges, and implicit threats of collaterally damaging implications. Similarly, New Delhi’s recent reconsideration of long-held reticence at upgrading the level of the mundanely operating Russia-India-China (RIC) trilateral dialogue from Foreign Ministers forum to Summit status, and the actual convening of the RIC. The Modi regime desires to follow the vision enunciated and delineated in the Shangri-la address of the Prime Minister, of an Indo-Pacific ...


BRICS, SCO and Kashmir Terrorism

... issue of fighting terror was virtually absent from the BRICS agenda, even though India had regularly attempted to put it up for consideration and record the results in official documents. This was due primarily to the specifics of the positions taken by India and China: while New Delhi viewed the issue as mostly a regional matter, trying to get the Pakistan-based groups carrying out terrorist attacks in the Indian part of Kashmir condemned, Beijing, as an ally of Islamabad, blocked New Delhi’s attempts to declare ...


BRICS Should Avoid Becoming an anti-US Group

... hegemony. Still, Russia remains a very important strategic player. In fact, Russia has become a swing player. Essentially Russian goals determine the balance of powers, placing Russia in a very privileged position vis-à-vis BRICS. Also the fact that India, China and Russia now have reactivated the trilateral dialog called RIC, which happened in Buenos Aires, is also going to give further strength to BRICS. Because now they can actually use their trilateral cooperation as the building block within BRICS ...


Review: The Future is Asian (and Russia is 80% Asian!)

... Khanna 5 Stars – Utterly brilliant insights and data, but publisher should have invested in graphics to match Parag Khanna is for me the single best observer and reporter on the substance of Asia which he takes great pains to point out is not just China (a third of Asia’s population) but includes particularly vast swaths of Russia, India, Central Asia, Southeast Asia including Indonesia and Australia, and Turkey. My review of his earlier book CONNECTOGRAPHY: Mapping the Future of Global Civilization is the other half of this story, and makes the point that China has already defeated ...


Heartland Reunion: Geopolitical Chimera or Historical Chance?

... the other country and even complement one another. There are numerous examples of this – from the epic history of the Great Silk Road to the equally impressive chronicle of how Buddhism spread across Eastern Asia. In essence, the consolidation of a ChinaIndia Heartland would not mean the creation of something fundamentally new, but simply the natural reunification of a torn Eurasia, the restoration of a recently lost continental unity. Hence, there are objective prerequisites for the consolidation of ...


G20 Summit: Looking for Compromise

... cooperation within BRICS are also addressed, and there is an ongoing search for parties interested in bolstering global political and economic stability through the instruments of “integrating integrations,” which entails Russia paying attention to China, India and other Asian partners, as well as the gradual stable growth of Russia’s interests in Latin America. As for meetings that have the greatest significance for Russia, the key talks for understanding the development of Russia’s foreign policy ...


Will Russia Return to Europe?

... Ukraine. Paradoxically, the only realistic path for a Russian return to Europe today is via Asia. In other words, if Russia cannot effectuate a return to Europe — on acceptable terms — on its own, then it may only be through the creation, jointly with China, India and other Asia partners, of a ‘Greater Eurasia’ that Russia can acquire the expanded negotiating positions and potential it would need for its eventual dialogue with Brussels. The idea of a Russian ‘pivot to the East’ — as it were — ...


The Marco Polo Initiative is born, a network of young European leaders looking to the East

... countries from all over the world have voiced their interest in signing trade deals with the new union.In 2016 Vladimir Putin and Nursultan Nazarbayev co-proposed a more extensive “Greater Eurasian Partnership” involving the EAEU, the CIS countries, China, India, Iran, and other interested countries and associations of the continent. Since then, the EAEU has been working on the creation of a network of free trade areas in the wider Eurasian space. The Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) negotiated free trade ...


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