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Russia and Iran in Syria and Beyond: Challenges Ahead

RIAC and IRAS Working Paper #59/2020 RIAC and the Institute for Iran-Eurasia Studies Working Paper #59/2020 This paper aims to analyze the pivotal points of the Middle Eastern crises and to ... ... contradict each other. Some of the key issues of the political situation in the region were assessed, such as the situation in Idlib, the prospects for a political process in Syria, Israel’s role in the region’s future, the path to Syria’s reconstruction and the impact of U.S. policies on the emerging ...


Idlib May Split Russia — Turkey — Iran Alliance

... exploited by the provocateurs responsible for the tragic death of Russia's ambassador Andrei Karlov. In the selection of the date of the next summit, the upcoming March municipal elections in Turkey were likely taken into account. Assad's offensive in Idlib can undermine the rating of the Justice and Development Party. Increasing understanding of the real danger and the likelihood of the Russian-Iranian-Syrian campaign formation and solidification, may soon lead Turkey to acknowledge that it is better to be a part of this operation rather than retaining a passive observer status. On the way to Turkey, from the board of his plane, Erdogan admitted a joint ...


The Astana Shackles

... structure. A case in point is Horas ad-Deen, a group of radical zealots who had split from HTS but later rejoined it. Second, failure to implement the Sochi agreement is increasing the legitimacy of the ongoing military operation against terrorists in Idlib. Supported by Russia and Iran, the Syrian government forces feel free to conduct this operation in the province that is essentially controlled by terrorists. On the other hand, Russia and Turkey can fight foreign terrorist fighters and radical groups in Idlib, while also coordinating a ...


Syrian Surprises

... foothold in Syria. This much was evident at the summit on Syrian settlement between Russia, Turkey and Iran held in Tehran. On the one hand, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan appears to have successfully staved off the planned massive offensive in Idlib by the Syrian Army with support from Russia and Iran. On the other hand, Ankara has finally put Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, a.k.a. Al-Qaeda) on the list of terrorist organizations, something that it was unwilling to do before. To all appearances, Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham’s dominance ...


Transitioning to a Sustainable Peace. RIAC and IRAS Experts Discuss the Positions of Russia and Iran on Syria

Russian and Iranian experts discussed the situation in Idlib, the negotiation process for a peaceful resolution, the issues of post-war reconstruction, and scenarios for the development of the situation in Syria On September 5, 2018, Russian International Affairs Council on International Affairs (RIAC) and the Iranian and the Institute for Iran-Eurasia Studies (IRAS) held an online seminar on the positions of Russia and Iran on the Syrian crisis. Ruslan ...


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