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University of Turin Joins Project "Globalization 2.0: New Approaches to Research and Teaching"

... Tatiana Bagdasarova held talks with Sergio Bortalani, Pro-Rector of Universita degli studi di Torino, on cooperation in the education area. The first stage of engagement implies participation of the University of Turin in Russian-Italian Project "Globalization 2.0: New Approaches to Research and Teaching". The parties agreed on incorporating the university's curriculums and courses on globalization and globalization issues in the world politics of today in the collection of works to be published ...


Report on the Second Seminar on the Exchange of Experience between Russian and Italian Experts on the Issues of Globalization in Education and Conducting Research

On May 26–28, 2015, the Second Seminar on the Exchange of Experience between Russian and Italian Experts on the Issues of Globalization in Education and Conducting Researchwas held at Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University in Kaliningrad. The seminar was attended by representatives of eight federal and national research universities of Russia, project participants and RIAC ...


Project Globalization 2.0: RIAC Delegation Meets Italian Educators

On March 24, 2015, RIAC Director General Andrey Kortunov , RIAC Member Andrey Melville , Head of Political Science Department at Higher School of Economics and manager of RIAC project " Globalization 2.0: New Approaches to Teaching and Research ", and RIAC Program Manager Tatiana Bogdasarova were in Rome at the Italian Foreign Ministry club to hold talks with Rector of Venice International University Ambassador Umberto Vattani ...


RIAC Launches a New Globalization Project

In partnership with Venice International University (VIU) , the Russian International Affairs Council and Russian universities with its corporate membership are setting up the project "Globalization 2.0: New Approaches to Research and Teaching " intended to establish a bilateral exchange connected to research and education initiatives on globalization and based on international, Russian and Italian practices. The initiative is ...


RIAC’s Educational Projects Presented in Venice International University

On December 2, 2014, RIAC Program Manager Ekaterina Chimiris and Program Coordinator Anna Kuznetsova made a report “Promotion of Universities in Global Internet” at the Russian-Italian conference “Globalization 2.0: New Approaches to Teaching and Research ” held at the Venice International University . The highly responsive participants, among them representatives of Russian universities with RIAC corporate membership and Italian universities,...


RIAC and Venice International University Start a New Joint Project

... Political Science Department and Dean of Social Science Department Andrey Melville and RIAC Website Coordinator Tatiana Bagdasarova visited the campus of the Venice International University (VIU) on the island of San Servolo to discuss joint project " Globalization 2.0: New Approaches to Teaching and Research " that is intended to engage several Russian universities with RIAC corporate membership. The Italian side was represented by VIU Rector Ambassador Umberto Vattani, VIU Dean Agar Brugiavini,...


Open Borders Are Russia's Birthright

... Metaphorically speaking, a rational person won't struggle over the choice between acknowledging or not acknowledging the law of gravity. But he can choose practical methods of using these laws to his benefit and not to his detriment. The process of globalization is like the law of gravity. It is outside our control, and it is controlled by no one else: neither the U.S., nor the rising economies in Asia, nor the European Union. It would be the height of naivete to suggest that somewhere in the world ...


The Unbalanced Globalization

Global Networking Analyzed insightfully, globalization implies the preferential engagement of comparatively small regions rather than entire nation states, which may be even more typical jn the future, including in the very long run. The Role of Territory in a Globalized World To a large extent,...


The world order in 2033: More risks, less predictability

... a race for the sake of the race. That could prove fatal, for all the country’s apparent might. How do you see the world in 2033? The problem with most forecasts is that they see the world roughly as it is today, only more advanced, i.e., more globalization, more trade, more Internet, etc. Most of these forecasts do not come true. There is always a “black swan” that will erase all the efforts of the prognosticators. And we have a lot of “white swans” that might drastically ...


Globalization and the Quest for a ‘Smart’ Foreign Policy

Abstract Globalization continues to be a growing trend from the economy, security, and even the individual as ideas are rapidly exchanged between different cultures. State-actors, although still a critical component, are competing for influence with the private ...


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