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For Whom the Bell Tolls: A Note on John J. Mearsheimer’s Article on the Collapse of the Liberal International Order

... national identity within the liberal democracies themselves, all the more so when efforts to change a regime fail and lead to large-scale flows of refugees into liberal countries. Andrey Kortunov: A Few Words in Defence of Francis Fukuyama Third, hyper-globalization has produced significant economic and social costs for large numbers of people inside the liberal democracies, and this further undermines the liberal international order. Moreover, the open international economy helped fuel the rise of ...


Geopolitics and Relations among Major Powers

... somewhat trivial observation — the situation in the world gives more and more reasons to be concerned. The manifestations of the growing instability are multiple; I would limit myself to only the most apparent ones. The rapid and chaotic process of globalization produced many negative side effects including a rapid decline of traditional values, a global revolution of expectations along with social and cultural polarization, growing vulnerability of an individual to extremism and political radicalism....


A Few Words in Defence of Francis Fukuyama

... collapsing before our eyes, when the global “East-West” split seemed to be disappearing into oblivion forever, when the “third wave of democratization” had peaked, when those tectonic social and economic shifts that would later be called “globalization” were being felt everywhere. Bards of the liberal triumph abounded in those times of trouble, but it was Francis Fukuyama who succeeded in giving this triumph a truly epic scale. His eschatological utopia directly challenged the Christian ...


Beyond the Right Side of History

... into a new guise of Marxism with its dogmatic postulates on the constant direction of social development. Lenin and Trotsky spoke about the inevitability of world socialist revolution, while Fukuyama saw a different goal, but universal all the same. Globalization played a bad joke on everyone. It made world politics all-embracing by increasing the number of relevant actors. It was believed that new powers and forces would take on “the right” model – but they did not. More and more countries ...


Challenges to Security and Sovereignty in the Arctic Discussed at RIAC

... interaction of states in the Arctic, the development of new mechanisms for intergovernmental relations based on the experience of Arctic cooperation, prospects for the development of national sovereignty of the Arctic states in the context of increasing globalization and increasing interest of non-regional players in international projects in the Arctic.


RIAC at Training Seminar on Russian Global Outreach at European University Institute in Florence

On October 11–13, 2018, European University Institute in Florence under the auspices of Robert Schumann Center for Advanced Studies and with the participation of the Academy of Global Management and Torino World Affairs Institute, University of Torino held an annual international Executive “The Resilience of Russia’s Global Outreach: Challenges and Opportunities" for representatives of think tanks, experts, and journalists. On October 11–13, 2018, European University Institute in Florence...


Global Russians and Millennials in Academic Environment. RIAC Discussion

... scholars differ from their predecessors. The discussion focused on the issues of definition and identification of generations, the attitude of the millennials to the disintegration of the USSR, the phenomenon of "global Russians," the impact of globalization, the clash of political correctness concepts, new sincerity, and post-truth in the expert environment. Below are selected talking points of the participants of the discussion. One of the main features of the generation of millennials (generation ...


RIAC Took Part in the 6th World Peace Forum

... consultations regarding mechanisms for further cooperation development between the two organizations, and a number of meetings with the representatives of other partner organizations. Igor Ivanov's text of the speech International Security in the Trend of Anti-Globalization Dear friends and colleagues, It is my privilege and my pleasure to take part in the Sixth World Peace Forum here in Beijing. Over years, the Forum has evolved into a very prominent and distinguished location to discuss both Asian and global ...


Migration, Globalization and Economic Viability: Challenges and Opportunities for Russia & Eurasia

Presentation Text at International Conference “Transnational Migration and Modern States in the Period of Economic Crisis”, Moscow, 25 September 2015 Presentation Text at International Conference “ Transnational Migration and Modern States in the Period of Economic Crisis ”, Moscow, 25 September 2015. I am honored by this opportunity to present global perspective on a major challenge and opportunity of our time. My remarks feature three dimensions: 1) migration sustaining the world...


Discipline and Punish Again?

... countries. Although Switzerland has not yet talked about the liquidation of bank secrecy, the very possibility and practice of obtaining information about bank clients' accounts is increasingly taking shape. Viktor Sergeev: The Unbalanced Globalization 3. Measures to restrict individual freedoms for government needs also include indefinite detention and preventive custody . Such measures have been applied quite widely throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, both in legal form and in the ...


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