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Working Under the Radar: The Stealth Alternative in Russia's Foreign Policy

... universalist ideology. Fifth Task Force Position Paper "Managing the Cold Peace between Russia and the West" However, unlike the imperial era, the West itself retained both military-political and ideological consolidation. As soon as Moscow’s foreign policy activities crossed the “red lines,” all the power of Western ideology concentrated on Russia once again. Only this time around, there is no global alternative on our side. We are forced to play the West no longer on the global field, but our own one, contrasting liberal universalism with our own nationalism....


Chaos and Play without Rules: On the Current Crisis of Confidence in Trust in Relations between Russia and the West

... Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy, Occasional Paper Number 5 (April 1995) ( ). 6 . Holsti O. Foreign Policy Formation Viewed Cognitively // Axelrod R. (ed.) Structure of Decision: The Cognitive Maps of Political Elites.... ... to Professor V. Sergeev for the apt metaphor. 17 . Lavrov: Moscow is Against “Primitive Schemes” of Russia–West Confrontation // Rossiiskaya Gazeta. October 13, 2014. URL: 18 . Stop ...


Unraveling the Enigma: Western Expert Community Seeks to Explain Russian Policy

... dialogue formats and the selection of participants involved may greatly influence the effectiveness of interaction and its chances of resulting in a convergence of positions at the state level. The existence of three different interpretations of Russian foreign policy in Western discourse presupposes a diversified approach to discussing the problems connected with the Ukrainian conflict, and to the broader context of the relations between Russia and the West. Contrary to the widespread opinion of Russian journalists, ...


Seven Steps beyond the Horizon of the Crisis

... depends on the outcome of the crisis: on whether it ends in compromise or a long-term chronic conflict between Russia and the West, in a strengthening the Ukrainian statehood, or in its ultimate collapse. But whatever the final scene of the Ukrainian tragedy,... ... when the curtain finally falls are already evident. The solution to these problems will shape not just the future of Russian foreign policy, but the future of the country itself. Here are just a few that seem to be of particular significance. Where can ...


Russia Is on a Road to Nowhere

... vertical" and that restructuring the country's political foundations in hopes of achieving an uncertain result — and at a time when mass public protests were on the rise — was simply too risky. Russia began turning away from Europe, and the West as a whole, not during the Ukrainian revolution in February, but when Putin began his third term as president in 2012. The fact that many Western leaders in recent years had what Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski called "hopes for Russia's ...


Throwing Russia off balance is ultimate aim

... to avoiding direct answers. People of this sort address some very different tasks. And nearly all of them lack an independent foreign policy. There are only strict instructions from this or that high office that have to be followed. And they scrupulously ... ... these basic values any more. That’s natural, of course. A democratic world order does not fit in with the policies the Western world is pursuing these days in its bid to retain its centuries-old foothold. But this is an ever trickier task. Both ...


The truth must be revealed

... ceasefire to end the suffering of civilians. He also warns that trying to settle disputes by imposing unilateral sanctions threatens international peace and stability. Russia Beyond the Headlines: There has been repeated speculation, particularly in the Western media, that Russian troops could be deployed in Ukraine and even that they have already crossed the border into Ukrainian territory. Is such an action possible in your view? Sergei Lavrov: Unfortunately, the mass media continue to spread rumours,...


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