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70 years NATO – China for the first time as a „possible threat“

... higher defense spending by the Allies but attesting NATO’s progress over the past three years, contrary to his earlier statements that NATO was „obsolete“. Macron intends to move closer to Russia, start a new detente with Putin to prvent a Sino-Russian alliance and to relieve pressure on the European central front to get more NATO resources for the South: Africa and the Near and Middle East. France has long pushed for a Mediterranean Union in the EU and is now trying to do so in NATO.   Source: AP Photo/Frank AugsteinThe Eastern Europeans, on the other hand, see NATO’s main area of ​​activity as against Russia in the east, and Trump ...


Russia joins the Paris Climate Change Agreement: clear the way for an EU-Russia Eco-Alliance?

... Alexander Rahr, in which he propagates an eco-alliance between Russia and the EU. After that my assessment. "Ecology unites EU and Russia” (September 2019)      The ever-growing ecological movement in Germany, supported by broad sections of the country's ... ... great as it is today, does not give anyone the necessary importance here. Protesters gather near the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France during the 2015 UN Climate Conference. (Clement Martin/Sipa USA via Associated Press) Germany and the EU do not seem to ...


Does it worth Germany and France taking refuge into the arms of Russia and China?

... stays in office, the higher the risk that anti-American forces will gain the upper hand in Germany and push it into the arms of Russia and China, Wolfgang Ischinger said in an interview. The chairman of the Munich Security Conference and former ambassador to Washington was speaking to Reuters days before the publication of his book "World in Danger", in which he urges Germans not to giving up on the ... ... the golden rule: “He who has the gold makes the rules.” Hence, Counter Narco-terrorism Alliance Germany, urges Germany and France not to giving up on the United States because of Trump, rather push for counter balance for both Russia and China otherwise ...


Terror in Paris: Time to Think, & Sit Down, Shutup to the Ideologues

... Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula—it is important to take a breath. This could very well lead to massive escalation in Syria by France (and maybe Russia, in relation to the airliner attack) and maybe even by others if it turns out ISIS had something to do with it; Yemen could ... ... global perception and relationship with the West, as well as attacks like the ones in Paris tonight. Perhaps most importantly, European leaders are going to have to manage a public outcry. Even before these attacks in Paris tonight, many parts of Europe ...


Prospects for future cooperation between Russia and France in the Arctic

... French-Russian economic relations, joint energy projects in the Russian Arctic are still maintained, and the economic and social development of the Russian Arctic zone represents attractive prospects for further other French companies’ participation. France is Russia’s 6th European trade partner and more than four hundred French companies have a part of their activity in Russia. At the last annual French business forum organized in Paris on the topic “Réunions avec la Russie” (Meetings with Russia), French ...


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