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Goodbye, U.S. Foreign Policy

... standards, North Korea should not be made a scapegoat to justify America’s problems with China, South Korea and Japan. Such tactics will only increase the degree to which Korea... ... Hassan Rouhani. Within the context of increasing regional instability, constant accusations of supporting and arming terrorists and the unwillingness of the United States... ... international norms and laws and initiated active hostilities on the northern border of Syria. Turkey’s explicit violations were not shackled completely, but with the latest engagement of U.S. and Russia, they were temporarily stopped from escalating. Back in the day, Turkey would...


Prospects for RussiaChina Cooperation in the Middle East

Coordinated actions between Russia and China could have a positive effect on regional stability The Middle East is a region that has traditionally fallen under the ... ... destructive influence of the actions of Western governments in Afghanistan and Iraq, Russia and China took a different decision on the Syria issue. While Russia and the United States had an active military presence in Syria, China adopted a more flexible position,...


Iran’s Presence in Syria: Is It There for the Long Haul?

... the rebuilding of the war-torn country Iran’s presence in Syria remains a highly irritating factor for Israel, the United ... ... the United States, and he has repeatedly discussed it with his Russian counterparts. However, Russia has made it clear that it ... ... start of the war, Iran has, according to various sources, sent thousands of soldiers and pieces of military equipment to Syria, as ... ... has no money. Tehran is forced to act with regard to Russia and China’s support, given the unwillingness of European investors ...


Breaking the U.S.-Russia Impasse: Keeping the Door Open to Dialogue

Relations between the U.S. and Russia appear to be almost at the point of no return Relations ... ... that directly impact domestic politics and popular attitudes. Accusations of interference in the electoral systems raise questions ... ... Then, in early April 2017, the U.S. fired 59 cruise missiles at Syrian airbase on grounds that the Syrian military had allegedly ... ... expanded to include other states, such as the European states and China? Washington is also in the process of modernizing its tactical ...


2016 – Contours of the New Reality

... shape. Nothing was so clear in 2014, which was marked by the abrupt transformation of Russia’s relations with the outside world. This was also true of 2015, as too... ... a package of deals but have neither the time nor enough self-restraint for this. In Syria, Russia and the United States found themselves on the brink of open conflict and... ... marginal player, although the ideology of these structures is not anti-Western. Here China is Russia’s main partner. In the US view, China’s growth and rapprochement...


Spies Don't Tweet: Why Social Media is Only a Grassroots Tool

The Intelligence Community, regardless of regime type, has famously always tried to co-opt and ultimately adopt advancements and evolutions in technology, especially in terms of media. Newspapers, radio, and television have long been appropriated in order to influence, massage, and outright manipulate messages and events important to the national interest. Often the question is not so much whether a country’s intelligence community engages in such activity but rather how explicit and open will...


International Relations are in for Democratization

Interview with Fyodor Lukyanov Interview There has been a lot of talk lately about the UN General Assembly resolution on Syria being a harbinger of a new stage in world politics. We have met Fyodor Lukyanov , Editor-in-Chief of the Russia in Global Affairs journal and Chairman of the Presidium of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy, to assess this opinion ... ... special skills. Countries like Brazil and India will have to travel a long way to become as sophisticated in foreign affairs as China, the U.S.A., Russia, and even Great Britain despite its current weakness. Photo: Vladimir Chizhov: The ...


'The Law of Politics' According to Sergei Lavrov

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, just back from his first meeting with his new ... ... Kerry, sat for a wide-ranging interview in March with Foreign Policy Editor in Chief Susan B. Glasser in Moscow, holding forth on everything from why Americans can no longer adopt Russian babies to how come Russia and China team up so much at the United Nations. Susan Glasser, Foreign Policy editor... ... FP: Well I definitely want to talk also about your conversations with him regarding Syria. He's expressed a willingness and an interest in continuing to find a solution...


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