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Covid-19 Sports Diplomacy. Soft power vs. populism

... than political. After all, Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump are well known sports fans. Joe Biden is not. TASS reports that the Russian Premier League football championship will resume play late next month. Germany's vaunted Bundesliga has already started ... ... in spite the reluctance of a few team owners and, some players. As the pandemia continues to kill, professional sports in the United States including football, baseball and basketball are planning to resume playing, to empty houses via television. It is ...


Is the UN relevant anymore to Greater Eurasia?

....” Iran was exempted, of course, as well as an increasing number of nations standing up to the jaundiced justice of the United States. The growing irrelevancy of the UN As US-facilitated lawlessness abound, can the United Nations play any meaningful ... ... a semblance of international law? Sooner or later, the people of Greater Eurasia, particularly within the core nations of Russia, China and India may demand a governmental reappraisal of their UN memberships. What does the UN do? Prevent the proliferation ...


Greater Eurasia vs Greater Eurabia: The Fault-lines Emerge

... or Daesh. Daesh, ironically, amplifies the core values both axes were founded on, namely that of genocide and slavery. The United States and the Arab world were undeniably forged by ethnoreligious cleansing and slave labour. To mask their dark provenances ... ... grow up or introspect. It is always the latest bogeyman’s fault. Europe’s refugee crisis is conveniently pinned on Russia while China takes the blame for the ongoing global economic slowdown. Europeans, unable to defend their women and children from physical ...


Hooray for Hollywood!

As combat aircraft from Russia and the United States shadow each other over Syrian airspace, director Steven Spielberg has created an Oscar-quality film about what happened when the Soviet Union shot down an American spy plane near Sverdlovsk on May 1st 1960. The event was a major embarrassment ...


Sports Diplomacy. Can Sepp Blatter bring unity to a fractious FIFA?

... League alone, sports magazines and websites say. Russia, which hosts the 2018 FIFA Russia World Cup, is also a member of UEFA. Although UEFA is headquartered in Switzerland... ... from the media campaign conducted by ethics assets, including FIFA officials in the United States and Britain, Platini has artfully dodged accusations that he supported... ... damage the vitual infallibility of Blatter's sports machine. Especially now that China, aided by FIFA programs, is on a trajectory to become a world football power and...


BRICS and Washington's social pivot to India

... from the state department “blacklist” that prohibited his entry into the United States over the incident involving the alleged massacre of Muslims, and Sikhs... ... politics had become a hotbed of inertia and disposed to sluggish growth and inflation. China has been dumping cheap consumer goods into Indian markets for the past few years... ... of India (200 million) has a GDP that is nearly the same (2.24 trillion for 2013). Russia, with a population of around 165 million, generated a GDP for last year of 2...


Obama's "Scare Force" Targets BRICS

... China-bashing campaign led by Washington and its coterie of friendly economists. Anglo-American propaganda suggests that Beijing continues to manipulate its currency while Washington continues its quantitative easing and feigns the innocence of a choirboy. China dumped $45 billion in U.S. treasury instruments in the one month period from November to December, 2013. According to the May TIC report issued by the United States Treasury, Russia dumped $49 bilion worth of its $149 billion in U.S. instruments between October, 2013 and March 2014, and is selling off more as relations between Moscow and Washington continue to deteriorate. Brazil, among nations, is the fourth largest holder ...


Islam, the hidden “I” in BRICS

... in China, whose numbers represent nearly the total Islamic population of Syria. China also has military technology sharing and other defense relationships with Israel... ... Team-Infinity Journal as it relates to key Islamic nations and elaborates on why the United States has not been successful in contaning militant Islamists in spite of the... .... The BRICS continue to have image problems The Buenos Aires Herald reported that Russian Federation president Vladimir Putin has praised Argentina, where he just signed...


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