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Harsh Realities in Ukraine

Four months after the Minsk II accords, the Ukraine crisis continues to simmer, with occasional violent eruptions. The ceasefire in Donbass has not prevented some 1,000 people from losing their lives since February, adding to the previous fatality count of more than 5,000. Some of the heavy weapons that both sides should have pulled back from the line of contact are still positioned close to that line, and are active. Despite some technical contacts with the participation of both Kiev and Donbass...


Eight’s a Crowd

The latest G7 summit was held at the picturesque Schloss Elmau in Bavaria on June 8, 2015. Russia, which is no longer a club member, this time cemented the G7 countries as a common enemy, and even brought back the importance of the Group, which five years ago (with Russia in it) was fading away and losing its ground. The huge impact of the G20 Summit in Toronto, coupled with almost complete silence (even among anti-globalists) with regard to the G8 Summit that preceded it, proves this. To Be or Not...


Putin to meet Pope Francis in Rome: Ukraine and beyond

... Russian President ’s visit to the Milan World Exposition — Expo 2015. There is no doubt that Putin’s trip to Italy has the primary objective of reaffirming the relevance of Russian-Italian relations under the circumstances of the current Ukrainian crisis, as the Russian President himself firmly stressed in his Moscow meeting with Prime Minister Renzi in March and in a recent interview with Italy’s leading daily Il Corriere della Sera . Nonetheless, it is clear that this meeting ...


Neither Catastrophe nor Structural Reforms

During times of crisis, maintaining international partnerships is a must for any country. How can this be achieved? First of all, through economic contacts. And as far as Russia is concerned, France remains one of its key economic partners despite political differences and the situation surrounding the Mistral ships, which has generated an avalanche of gossip, insinuations and spin doctoring. We met with Arnaud Dubien , Director of the think tank Observo located at the Franco-Russian Chamber of...


John Kerry in Sochi: Will It Be Easier to Breathe by the Sea?

... currently not enough information about the visit in the media. Vladimir Putin’s press spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the meeting would focus on bilateral relations. Lately Russia has been stuck in a vicious cycle, including the situation with the Ukrainian crisis – the central issue on the Russian agenda regarding the European dimension of its foreign policy. Russia is trying to resolve the Ukrainian crisis. This means that the systemic problems of European security must be addressed, since ...


Modern Conflicts as a Reflection of Past Wars

On April 22, 2015, RIAC held its first open webinar on the nuclear element in Russian-American relations. To sum up the event, RIAC expert Alexey Fenenko , Leading Researcher at the RAS Institute of International Security Problems, gave an interview sharing his views on the dangers of modern military conflicts and their similarities to the wars of 17th–18th centuries used by the European royal households to divide the continent. What commonalities can we find between the conflicts in Iraq...


A New Arms Race in Eastern and Northern Europe

Russia's European neighbors are increasing their defense budgets, which is quite logical because Ukraine is on fire and many are wary of Moscow. A new arms race in Eastern and Northern Europe is looming, although limited in scale. This April, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute issued a report [1] claiming that the Baltic, Central and Northern European countries will engage in increased military spending. They are eagerly justifying this drive based on developments in southeastern...


Chaos and Play without Rules: On the Current Crisis of Confidence in Trust in Relations between Russia and the West

... internal cleavages, on the contrary, aggravates it. The result is a conflict of narratives and a crisis of confidence both inside and outside the state. And it is precisely this that has caused the political crisis in Ukraine. Crisis of Confidence or the Ukrainian Crisis: Which Came First? The Ukrainian crisis has had serious repercussions for Russia’s relations with the European Union and the United States. Thus, on September 30, 2014 the U.S. Ambassador to Germany Peter Wittig declared that Vladimir ...


Irina Khakamada: We Are Mature Enough to Play by Transparent Rules

Irina Khakamada , one of Russia’s most prominent female liberal politicians, met RIAC website editor Maria Smekalova to share her views on the future of Russian liberalism, offer her scenario for resolving the Ukraine crisis and unveil the secrets behind negotiating successfully with foreigners. As an outspoken liberal, how would you define liberalism, which seems quite a vague notion? Do you see any Russia-specific traits or is it universal? Pure liberalism is something that does not exist...


Summary Executions in Eastern Ukraine: Crime and Punishment

The recent article by Amnesty International on summary killings in Eastern Ukraine (in particular the case of Ihor Branovytsky), committed by separatist forces, added factual and legal analysis to growing pile of data on woeful violations in Eastern Ukraine. The non-international armed conflict between the Ukrainian government and Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics shows that, despite international obligations on both sides, international humanitarian law and human rights norms are rarely...


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