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Ukraine Crisis More Dangerous Than Cold War

Instead of a new Cold War, someday we could face a real, large-scale military conflict Since the crisis in Ukraine began, many have claimed that a new Cold War between Russia and the West already exists. This rhetoric, used even by high-profile politicians, in my opinion, is driven mostly by emotions and is meant to justify difficult positions taken by one ...


Ukraine’s Crossroads

... does not have a subjunctive mood. However, all the actors have passed through so many crossroads in a little over a year of the Ukrainian crisis. It is impossible to resist the temptation to imagine what would have happened if they had made other choices.... ... the association agreement with the European Union. Let’s imagine that Russia’s arguments had failed to persuade Ukraine and the document was signed in Vilnius. Russia’s actions were fairly predictable. It would have introduced the measures ...


Crimea, a Strategic Bastion on Russia’s Southern Flank

... of NATO and will host on their soil US troops as well as elements of the ballistic missiles defense, while middle-eastern instability, especially coming from Syria, tend to spread to the Caucasus[26]. From the Kremlin’s perspective, the current Ukrainian crisis is a new attempt by the Euro-Atlantic community, after the 2004 Orange revolution, to expand its influence to Ukraine regardless of the Russian interests. The chronical instability on Russia’s southern flank, whether it comes from political tensions with the Euro-Atlantic community, which resulted in an increasing NATO naval activity in the Black Sea since ...


Transnistria in the Shadow of the Ukraine Crisis

In light of the events in Ukraine, the situation in Transnistria (the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic) may seem rosy. Although this takes nothing away from its drama. The most serious challenges arise due to two factors: the signing of an Association Agreement between Moldova ...


Russia Between Two Maidans

... parties to the conflict towards closer interaction within the Russia – Ukraine – European Union triangle. In the longer perspective, we are moving toward a Greater Europe, a common economic space from Lisbon to Vladivostok, and the current Ukrainian crisis has merely slowed down this historical process but cannot stop it. Let us note parenthetically that creation of a common space consisting of both Ukraine and Russia appears to be the most realistic option for moving forward on the “Crimean question”, which is extremely sensitive for all the parties to the conflict. That is why the Ukrainian crisis is, at the end of the day, “a ...


Russia and Ukraine: A Corridor of Opportunities

... with the West over the past few decades. Nevertheless, progress in this area is possible and can be helped by the significant losses being incurred by several EU countries as a result of the sanctions and the “informational overload” on the Ukrainian crisis. REUTERS / Maxim Shemetov Savur-Mohyla Military Confrontation This scenario assumes that the military and political conflict in south-eastern Ukraine will continue to grow, with the possible direct or indirect involvement of Russia and the United States and its NATO allies. We are talking here about the breakdown of the Minsk Process or a partial breach of its clauses. The various interpretations ...


Young Experts Meet in Sofia to Discuss Ukraine and Euro-Atlantic Security

On October 27-29, 2014 Bulgarian Sofia hosted a session of young experts’ group on Ukraine crisis and Euro-Atlantic security to discuss the Ukraine situation and ways to have it rectified. Organized by the European Leadership Network for Multilateral Disarmament and Non-Proliferation (ELN), Munich Security Conference, Nuclear Threat ...


Younger Generation Task Force on Ukraine and Euro-Atlantic Security To Meet in Sofia, Bulgaria in October

In recent years, historical animosities and uncertainties in the global security landscape have hindered efforts to develop a fresh approach to Euro-Atlantic security. The crisis in Ukraine has exacerbated the problem, further undermining cooperation, increasing tensions and widening differences on a host of security, political, economic and other issues. To address the crisis and engage a new generation of analysts and problem-solvers,...


Ukraine 2014: permanent crisis or a model for new relations?

... Agreement and the Ways to Settle the Conflict REUTERS/Mykola Lazarenko/Ukrainian Presidential Press Service Sergey Utkin: The Ukrainian Crisis: Russia’s Official Position and How the Situation Can Be Resolved A ceasefire agreement has now been signed ... ... since there was no advantage to either side in continuing armed conflict both from the military point of view, especially for Ukraine, and also from the political point of view, above all for the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) and the Lugansk People’s ...


The Ukrainian Crisis: Russia’s Official Position and How the Situation Can Be Resolved

... would then enable them to negotiate more favorable terms with the European Union, using the cumulative economic and political weight of the Eurasian countries. Donbass REUTERS/Maxim Shemetov Alexei Fenenko: Is Ukrainian Crisis the Last for Russia? The Ukrainian crisis has been worsened by the armed conflict in Donbass, leading more and more politicians in Russian and Ukraine to think about the need for a speedy settlement, even if this is not on the most favorable terms. Formally, the Russian leadership considers what is happening to be a strictly Ukrainian matter. But that does not mean it is being neutral. Official ...


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