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The Ukrainian Crisis through the Prism of International Relations

... opinion on the subject. A distinctive feature of the collected materials is the focus on finding a political resolution to the crisis, offering a realistic assessment of the common interests among all the sides. As the author points out, “the Ukrainian crisis has emphasized the major problem of the world politics in the 21st century – apparent and constantly growing governance deficit of the whole contemporary IR system. The developments in Ukraine have become a frightening illustration of what our world can be if governance deficit continues to grow”. RIAC hopes that international relations and global politics experts and practitioners, as well as anyone interested in the subject ...


A Mini Yalta

Fyodor Lukyanov on how the war in Ukraine changed life in Russia but not in the world. Had the decisive Minsk talks taken place a week later, everything could have wrapped up in style. It would have been exactly twelve months since it all began on February 20, 2014, when the Maidan protest ...


Ukraine points towards the start of a tumultuous new era in world politics

After the ceasefire negotiated in Minsk, a peace settlement in eastern Ukraine remains distant. Most of the points in the agreement, including Ukraine’s constitutional reform and the resumption of Kiev’s control over the entire Ukrainian-Russian border, will probably never be implemented. The most one can hope ...


The Disturbing Legacy of the Ukraine Crisis

The new Minsk agreement is mainly a product of Europe’s fear of war and Ukraine’s rapidly deteriorating military, economic and political condition. The Germans and the French were jolted into action by the prospect of the United States arming Kiev, provoking Moscow to rise to a new level of confrontation. Ukraine’s ...


Ukraine: Non-Bloc Transit

... US and its consistent (neo-European) supporters as proven errors and unreasonable concessions to “aggressive” Russia, which is perceived by Moscow as an indicator of the weakness of the West and a sign for attack. The formula that “Ukraine will become a member of NATO” no longer reflects s political and diplomatic compromise with Moscow, which has been revoked by the Ukrainian crisis and the acute Russian-Western conflict. The emphasis in this formula has been put on the word “will”, while the implied “someday” has been replaced by the newly relevant “how and when.” REUTERS/Gleb ...


The Hopelessness of Self-Determination

... at the same time no one wants to come to terms with this and fix things. Why are Russian-Ukrainian relations, which had always been characterized as fraternal, now in this state? The conflict was provoked by the West's intention to "bind" Ukraine (without assuming any kind of responsibility), which was expressed by Kiev's signing of the EU Association Agreement. Russia rebuked [these developments] and this was enough to launch a destructive process. However, the consequences would not ...


The United States’ New Role in the Ukraine Crisis: Pros and Cons for Russia

... reports about U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry visiting Moscow proved misleading, with the Foggy Bottom's press service plainly stating that no such trip was planned . However, in recent weeks Washington seems to have become much more active on Ukraine, to the extent that it seems as if it is working to provide a new background for Kerry's talks with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on the sidelines of the February 6-8 Munich Security Conference. The Dynamics of American Engagement In ...


Securing the Euro-Atlantic Community

... political strategy for the Euro-Atlantic region, there was a risk that stability would weaken and security would break down. Sadly, there are clear signs that this is happening, with Europe now beset by its most serious and deadly crisis in decades. In Ukraine, more than 5,000 people have been killed, over 10,000 more have been wounded, and 1.2 million have been forced from their homes. If we do not stop the killing and address the mounting divisions in Europe, our generation may claim to have ended ...


When Friends Can’t Agree

... maintained and if at the same time a long process of talks begins. At the same time both sides are counting on serious economic losses for each other, and consequently the situation is distinguished by the fact that the economic position in both Russia and Ukraine is becoming a serious factor in the political process. REUTERS/Mykola Lazarenko/Ukrainian Presidential Press Service Sergey Utkin: The Ukrainian Crisis: Russia’s Official Position and How the Situation Can Be Resolved Thus it is possible to state that the peace process itself will be optimal if it combines elements of all formats – the Geneva, Minsk and Normandy formats,...


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