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Policy Priorities in U.S.-Russia Relations

CSIS and RIAC Meeting Report CSIS and RIAC Meeting Report The U.S.-based Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) and the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) convened the latest in a series of expert meetings on U.S.-Russia relations in October 2017 in Moscow . The mood was grim: participants were unanimous that the current state of bilateral relations is dire and in danger of spiraling down further. In Russia, that country’s representatives reported, the conventional wisdom...


The aggravation of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict has a pernicious effect on international stability

... Iranian problem remains complex, and, unfortunately, it appears that the current American leadership is determined to tighten further its approach to Iran, and this can have very serious consequences for the regional stability. - What initiatives on the Ukrainian crisis should be promoted at the UN General Assembly? - It seems to me, it is very important to promote the initiative that Moscow sounded: the creation of an international peacekeeping mission in Eastern Ukraine. We understand that there are ...


America’s highly-charged political atmosphere crippling Russian-US ties — ambassador

There are always opportunities for positive turnarounds, the Russian diplomat states. The domestic political strife which has overtaken the United States has seriously undercut Russian-US relations and work with the Trump administration is unfolding quite uneasily, Russian Ambassador to the US Sergei Kislyak told TASS. The Russian ambassador expressed his opinion in an interview with TASS on the eve of the first meeting between Russian and US Presidents Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump at the G20...


Russian leadership is taking a “wait and see” approach

1) US officials have said that they will start tough and frank dialogue with Russia. They have also said that as relations are at their lowest point since the cold war that from there they can only get better. Where could this dialogue lead and does Russia have any appetite for concessions before the upcoming presidential elections next spring? I do not think that the Kremlin has an appetite for concessions to the new US Administration, but there is an apparent interest in trying to improve the...


I Don't Believe that We Are Having Another Cold War

... happened in the United States? Do you feel that Russia had any involvement or any responsibility at all for what transpired?</strong></p> <p><strong>Sergey Lavrov:</strong> I believe that these absolutely groundless accusations—at least I haven’t seen a single fact that this was substantiated. I believe these accusations were used as an instrument in the electoral campaign, which for some reasons seemed to the Democratic Party to be an efficient way to ...


Development Scenarios for the Conflict in Eastern Ukraine: A View from Kiev

Predicting how the situation surrounding the conflict in Eastern Ukraine will develop and determining what the architecture of Russia–Ukraine relations moving forward will look like are both reasonably difficult tasks, because the course of events is influenced by a number of objective and subjective factors. The Minsk II package was extended to 2016, although the actual implementation of the measures contained within it are being implemented only very gradually, which goes some way to justifying...


Harsh Realities in Ukraine

Four months after the Minsk II accords, the Ukraine crisis continues to simmer, with occasional violent eruptions. The ceasefire in Donbass has not prevented some 1,000 people from losing their lives since February, adding to the previous fatality count of more than 5,000. Some of the heavy weapons that both sides should have pulled back from the line of contact are still positioned close to that line, and are active. Despite some technical contacts with the participation of both Kiev and Donbass...


John Kerry in Sochi: Will It Be Easier to Breathe by the Sea?

... currently not enough information about the visit in the media. Vladimir Putin’s press spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the meeting would focus on bilateral relations. Lately Russia has been stuck in a vicious cycle, including the situation with the Ukrainian crisis – the central issue on the Russian agenda regarding the European dimension of its foreign policy. Russia is trying to resolve the Ukrainian crisis. This means that the systemic problems of European security must be addressed, since ...


Modern Conflicts as a Reflection of Past Wars

On April 22, 2015, RIAC held its first open webinar on the nuclear element in Russian-American relations. To sum up the event, RIAC expert Alexey Fenenko , Leading Researcher at the RAS Institute of International Security Problems, gave an interview sharing his views on the dangers of modern military conflicts and their similarities to the wars of 17th–18th centuries used by the European royal households to divide the continent. What commonalities can we find between the conflicts in Iraq...


A New Arms Race in Eastern and Northern Europe 2 . Většina lidí by radar odmítla, zjistil průzkum/ Novinky.Cz, 2. března 2007, Poláci a USA podepsali dohodu o štítu/ iHNed.Cz, 21.8.2008/ 3 . Balmasov S., Trukhachev V., Sweden: We are for Peace and Preparing for War/, May 4, 2010/ http://www....


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