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Russia and Turkey: More Than a Rapprochement?

On August 9, 2016 a high level meeting between Presidents of Russia and Turkey took place in St. Petersburg. This crucially important summit was ... ... and Washington. The Kremlin’s foreign policy goes against Western interests in Ukraine and the Black Sea. The result is ongoing conflict in Eastern Ukraine and economic... ... negotiations with the EC. Now competition between Nord Stream–2, Turkish Stream and even South Stream projects is reemerging and if the Nord Stream – 2 fails, the likelihood...


PUSH and PULL, the double-faced strategy dividing the EU from Russia

... caught in an unstable position, torn between the U.S.A.'s pressure on one side, and the economic interdependency with the Russian Federation on the other. This article examines the current state of the issue from a diplomatic standpoint, and the implications ... ... Russia," and "at the moment Russia is not a partner (of the EU), but a strategic country and a neighbor, above all of Ukraine."5 This is, however, only a small part of the story and there are other angles to explore. Let us turn our attention ...


European Union and the Vexed Question of Russian Gas

... the absence of alternatives to Russian supplies. On the other side, the issue of the unpaid bills is an internal matter for Russia and Ukraine. Therefore Europe's involvement as a mediator should be limited to the degree where its own energy interests are concerned, a situation which would cease if the South Stream were completed. So far it seems that during the first session of the talks, Kiev agreed in principle to pay $3.1 ...


Energy Cooperation: A Policy of Slow Strangulation

... purpose of rendering political and economic support to Ukraine. The other option is to allow the South Stream Project be implemented, thereby avoiding such risks. At the same time, this scenario will significantly undermine the economic situation in Ukraine as well as strengthen Russia's position in the Balkans. Clouds began to gather over the South Stream, just as what had happened over the OPAL pipeline (the extension of the Nord Stream pipeline in Germany), long before current developments. The Crimean crisis has only added fuel to the fire. Today the European Union is facing an unconventional ...


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