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Ukrainian Crisis, Turkey and Eurasia: Who Wins?

For most of Russia’s neighbours, the conflict between Moscow and Kiev opens up great opportunities The military conflict between Russia and Ukraine has led to an unprecedented shake-up of the world order that has prevailed over the last 30 years. It has generated colossal losses and risks for both countries. There is a high probability that hostilities will drag on. Apparently, the parties ...


We are at war with the West. The European security order is illegitimate

... of Ukrainian cities and a much quicker victory. We did not do carpet bombing like Americans in Iraq. The endgame probably will be a new treaty, maybe with Zelensky still there. Probably it would mean the creation of a country in South and South-East Ukraine that is friendly to Russia. Maybe there will be several Ukraines. But at this juncture it is impossible to predict because, of course, it’s an open-ended story. We are in the fog of war». There is clear evidence that civilians have been targeted and killed by the Russian ...


Search for a Compromise or Demand for Surrender?

... tool for achieving peace and solving the “Ukrainian issue”. Within the expert community, they started exploring the prospects for an early Putin-Zelensky meeting, trying to envisage appropriate mechanisms for multilateral security guarantees to Ukraine (as much as to Russia), agreeing on potential compromises on territorial issues and even about blueprints for the post-conflict reconstruction of Ukraine. However, adherents of diplomatic solutions were immediately confronted by numerous implicit and explicit opponents....


War of European Integration

... so far this is only a reaction to the fact that Russia’s behaviour may deprive a united Europe of a very important potential source of resources for development — Russia itself, writes Valdai Club Programme Director Timofei Bordachev. Even if for Russia the events in Ukraine constitute a special military operation aimed at placing this territory in a state which does not pose a threat to its survival and development, then for the European Union it is, of course, about a full-scale struggle, and only the fear of Russian ...


Oxford Process International Expert Meeting on Models for Providing Multilateral Security Guarantees to Neutral States

... European security. The meeting was devoted to existing models for providing multilateral security guarantees to neutral states, including historical precedents in Europe and Asia. The event was attended by experts from the United States, Great Britain, Ukraine, and Russia. Russian side was represented at the meeting by Igor Ivanov, RIAC President, and Andrey Kortunov, RIAC Director General.


Meeting with Director of OCHA Coordination Division Ramesh Rajasingham

... Council On April 1, 2022, Ramesh Rajasingham, Director of Coordination Division, UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN OCHA), visited Russian International Affairs Council. During the conversation, the humanitarian aspects of Russia’s special operation on the territory of Ukraine were discussed, as well as the possible role of OCHA in solving humanitarian challenges in the conflict zone. The meeting was attended by the staff of OCHA office in Geneva, as well as the UN Information Center in Moscow.


Russia cannot afford to lose, so we need a kind of a victory

... interviewed Karaganov about his views on the *** – including controversial statements on Ukrainian nationhood and denazification that would be disputed by those outside Russia – and the future of the liberal international order. Bruno Maçães Why did Russia invade Ukraine? Sergey Karaganov For 25 years, people like myself have been saying that if Nato and Western alliances expand beyond certain red lines, especially into Ukraine, there will be a war. I envisioned that scenario as far back as 1997. In 2008 President ...


Will China “Lean to One Side”?

... assisting Russia in any manner whatsoever. But is that the real aim and extent of U.S.-UK moves in relation to China? Andrey Kortunov: The end of diplomacy? Seven Glimpses of the New Normal Given the aggressiveness of the US-led West’s reaction to Russia on Ukraine, one may surmise that the West is seeking to seize the opportunity to confront Russia and China at a moment in history when it still retains the dwindling advantage. The West’s contemporary China policy is a flexible pivot and a grand strategic ...


Russia-NATO International Expert Dialogue Meeting on Settlement of Russia-Ukraine Conflict

... and European NATO member-states. The organizers of the dialog on the Russian side included RAS Institute for the U.S. and Canadian Studies and RAS Institute of Europe. The meeting focused on the possible parameters of an agreement on the settlement of Russia-Ukraine conflict: the non-aligned status of Ukraine, the peculiarities of the Ukrainian model of sovereignty, the mechanisms for providing Ukraine with multilateral security guarantees, and the future of the armed forces of Ukraine. The discussion was ...


Oxford Process International Expert Meeting on Russian-Ukrainian Crisis Resolution

The event was attended by experts from the United States, Great Britain, Ukraine, and Russia. On March 24, 2022, Oxford Process, a British expert think tank, held a high-level international expert meeting on the challenges of resolving the Russian-Ukrainian crisis and the future of European security. The event was attended by experts ...


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