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2020 Forecast: Revealing the Future of the Middle East

... As for Bahrain which is almost connected in its domestic and foreign policies with Saudi Arabia, it is slated that Manama will proceed further with the current trend of... ... also benefitting from the energy market, using the sanctions imposed on Tehran. With Syria and Iraq, he seeks to keep pushing for buffer zones to keep his borders clear... ... is reached among militant groups in addition to Turkey, the UAE, Qatar, Egypt, the USA and Russia. The impeachment process of US President Donald Trump and the US role...


Donald Trump Will Follow Barack Obama’s Footsteps

... Front in American Boots Leverett’s claim that Obama’s presidency saw a change in the US relations with Israel and Saudi Arabia is questionable. Israel has been and remains the US’ main ally in the region, as is clearly proven by the ... ... allies, yet the Iraq problem is still there – America withdrew only to return, and there appeared new sources of trouble in Syria and Libya. And these challenges are far more serious than “Iran’s continued rise” and “Russia’s ...


The Middle East between the U.S. and Russia: Potential Traps for Moscow

... despite enduring bilateral tensions. It must have been quite a challenge for Washington to engage in cooperation with Moscow over Syria under the Vienna accords, i.e. with the participation of President Assad’s envoys. In the long run, the Obama administration ... ... shortsighted, although frustration with President Obama’s course of action is hardly the primary factor that has pushed Saudi Arabia into confronting Iran. Nevertheless, against the backdrop of a major economic recession, a crisis of governance and ...


The U.S. and Saudi Arabia in the Middle East: An Alliance of Competing Powers, Too Risky to Break?

... their ground, with the State Department laconically responding “the Saudi refusal is their own business.” However, analysts believe that Riyadh gave up its... ... unsure about his ability to govern. Although complicated by Russia’s campaign in Syria, closer contacts with Moscow in 2015 also fit into their demarche rationale. The... ... Russia is in no position to replace the U.S. as the key extra-regional partner for Saudi Arabia, or anything close. Occasional suggestions on the subject in the Russian...


GCC’s Diplomatic Snub of Obama’s Camp David

... security architecture.” REUTERS/Jim Bourg/Piхstream Nikolay Soukhov: One Thousand and One Nights: Barack Obama on Missile Defence in the Persian Gulf Оne of the... ... necessary defense components in place already, such as short-range Patriot systems in Saudi Arabia and THAAD systems in Qatar, but the new agreement provides for the installation... ... released at Camp David touched upon mutual concerns about the situation in Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen. But no real progress seems to have been reached on these issues, which...


In Time, Expect Big Changes in America's Middle East Relationships

... distance itself from the Gulf. It’s amazing that it’s taken us so long to realize how much our money going into Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and other Gulf states comes back to haunt us: though Joe Biden recently got in trouble for saying so, support ... ... situations like in Egypt, for many years one of the top recipients of U.S. foreign aid, Obama and Americans, as was/is the case in Syria and Iraq, seems to prefer a “don’t do stupid shit” (to quote the president) approach. Obama has—correctly—realized ...


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